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Which frame to choose for your face type?

Ever imagined why some of the eyeglasses look so good on some people and not on you? You have also tried beautiful frames that the optical shop put on their display, but they somehow don’t bring charm to your looks. Well, the answer is very simple, not every person’s face structure suits every frame style.

As hard as it is to believe, it’s actually the truth. Your face shape has a lot to do while picking the right frame for you.

Here’s how to check your face type. Pull off all your hair, tie your hair so that you can see your face completely. Stand right in front of the mirror and take a closer look. Check out the overall shape and also the contours.

Here, we will talk about the different types of face structure and also the kinds of eyeglasses that will suit you and look best on you.

For oval shape

The oval shape is known to be the idlest face type because it welcomes almost all types of eye frames. Oval shaped will include high cheekbones and a narrow chin making your face look petite and almost balanced. If you have an oval shape, then choose a frame that will maintain the balance of your face. Don’t go for wider frames or bigger frames which will cover your face entirely. Go for rectangular shaped frames. You can also go for a square or even round shaped frames. You can carry almost any eye frames. But restrain from using a broader eye frame. You will also look good with cat-eye frames as well.

For Heart-shaped

A heart-shaped face will have a sharp chin. It’s like a triangle flipped upside down. Whether you are a man or a woman, your most prominent feature is the high cheekbones and the prominent sharp chin. While choosing the right frame for you, just make sure to minimise your broad forehead and hence choose frames that can soften the look of your forehead by wearing light colours and also which has floral patterns. There are so many frames that will look good on you. You can choose a rimless glass as well. Just buy rimless frames for men online and accentuate your beautiful heart-shaped face.

For Square-shaped

The best frames for a square-shaped face who has a broad forehead and a strong jaw would be to try something which will help their broader features to look smoother. Go for a narrow style. Choose, rimless glass, round metal frames, and wayfarer eyeglasses. You will see may models and film stars with a square-shaped face also because they look very photogenic.

For diamond-shaped

Well, diamond faced shape is the rarest face shape. People with this kind of face structure will have broader cheekbones ad narrow forehead and jawline giving it a shape of a diamond. You can choose cat-eyes, oval frame, rectangular, horn-rimmed glasses as well will look good on you. If your child is blessed with a rare-diamond shaped face, then now you know which frame to choose and buy the best specs frame online for kids and make sure he does look good.

For round-faced

People with round-shaped has equal width and length. Try wearing glasses with rectangular frames, it will make your face look slimmer and also make your face look longer. Go for wider rectangular frames.

This is our suggestion for different face shape. Don’t feel upset if a particular frame suits your friend and not you, every face type is different and there are so many frames in different shapes and colours to choose from. There are many options, you will never run out of them. Stay stylish.