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Social media sites- the name explains itself. That means one person is connected to another person by means of social media sites. A person can create public profiles on these sites and make relationships with those users who can access his profile.

People can discuss various things on social networking sites, can share many interesting and exciting posts, some people can also share experiences and stories of their life on these sites. This is like a virtual place, where one can easily share his voice, as you do not move your lips to talk, but people can still hear your words.

This is a place, where many biggest companies advertise their products. Says Roger from There are so many trendiest and popular social media sites that people are using them on a daily basis. An effective media site can that brings your messages to the right people. It provides right kind of functionality so that you can do whatever you need and want to do.

The best functionality it provides is “Notification” function that enables you to get updates about your friends and your activities. It is a useful channel for making online profiles, the best way of organizing public events. Anyone can use this media site who wants to connect with people.

Another best social media site which is popular for real-time, news sharing and also enables users to communicate with their friends, relatives and can even spread information. You can easily track people of what they are saying about you or any other thing. It has really evolved into a powerful social media site. Says Thapa from

There is another social media site which helps people to maintain a relationship between people and companies. It’s a great place for fresh graduates where they can prepare their resumes and can build an identity so that many companies can recruit them.

This site can also provide you best professional’s questions and answers. The platform is best suited for professionals and job hunters. These sites are also good for business that will help you to decide which market you want to enter and what type of business you want to do.

Some sites are helpful in the branding of the product by posting such videos of yourselves, others or yourselves. These sites are online marketing campaign where you can design your own ads, and you can be paid on the basis of clicks on your video. You can also do blog there for building brand awareness.
A musician can also be benefited from this site, he/she just have to upload the portfolio of his own and many famous music producers can find him there by just looking at his portfolio.

To make people know about any website, there is another site that is used for sharing and discovering different website link, you can also provide articles on different brands. By using these media sites, communication has become easier and effective.

Interaction with the stranger can be easily done and this doesn’t seem any strange. Use of these social media sites can really benefit you.