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Understanding the Factors influencing Customer Experience

Every business strives to grow and deliver superior customer experience to its customer base. The very existence and survivability of the business depend on it. And it is the prime goal of any organization or enterprise. Everyone is satisfied when the business can deliver good service, the clients, the management and the end user. But ensuring an overall good quality customer experience can be a tricky business.

There are always a bunch of factors that can influence the experience of a customer. And it is not always possible to deliver such outstanding service to everyone at a consistent rate. The delivery of a superior customer experience is dependent upon the vision of the management, execution of the employees and the efficiency and utilization of the tools. These are especially important in a BPO company dealing with reliable outsourced customer support.

Now, let us have a quick look at each of these factors to understand better.


The leadership of any business is analogous to the engine of a freight train. The speed of the whole train depends upon the power of the engine. Similarly, the growth of any business relies on the dynamism of the leadership. The leaderscarry the vision of the company, and everyone else looks up to them and works in line with the values that are being portrayed. A motivated and active leader drives the pace of the business. While on the other hand, an unmotivated and inactive leader might jeopardize the work ethic of the whole company. Employees will need someone to follow and they would only pursue something if it is worth pursuing. Therefore, it is imperative that the leaders of any business, especially those of the BPO industry needs to introspect more on their character and role as a business leader.

Employee turnover-

The demands of a contact center may vary from sector to sector. But to effectively meet these demands,one has to have an army of well-trained executives, always at their disposal. But retaining an employee especially in a competitive market such as the BPO industry is not always easy. The employee turnover rate in this industry is quite high and this irregularity can be attributed to a variety of reasons. A wrong job choice, stressful working environment, lack of career advancement to name a few. When an experienced employee leaves the company, it creates a gap in the workflow and it would take days to find another fit for the gap. Hence, the management should take apt measures to tackle these problems in order to reduce the turnover rate.


BPO processes such as outsourced customer support are heavily dependent upon tools and technical infrastructure. A multi-channel contact center houses software and tools to establish an uninterrupted connection with their customers over multiple channels. And their redundancies can lead to an adverse customer experience. The ever-changing digital trends and customer preference is another aspect to keep track of in order to deliver a seamless customer experience.

To determine if a business’s customer service is delivering a good customer experience or not, one needs to measure their Key performance indicators (KPI). There are many KPIs to gauge the efficiency of a business’s customer support service and a few notable ones are mentioned below.

Net promoter score(NPS)- It determines the rate of customers who recommend the company to others such as friends and family. Basically, a survey is conducted by the service provider to understand the loyalty of their customers.

Competitor comparison-It compares a brand with its competitors and it is an important scale to understand the competition and to improve any downside before losing customers.

Overall satisfaction- Although every business aims for a 100 percent customer satisfaction but it is not realistic at all. The next best thing is to always keep on ameliorating the customer satisfaction KPIs. Also known as the Customer satisfaction score it allows businesses to set internal benchmarks.

Customer effort score(CES)- It is another powerful performance metric used widely to measure customer satisfaction with just one question. The idea behind is to measure a customer’s perception of how easy or difficult the completion of a particular task was.