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The No-Nonsense Guide to Gifting Flowers on Mother’s Day

Even though you don’t need a special occasion to show how much you love your mother for all that she has done for you, Mother’s Day is a befitting instance to send her a token of your esteem and gratitude. Gifting flowers is a really good gesture; with the really wide choice you have of flowers from across the globe, you can’t go wrong. Some practical tips for getting your floral gift just right:

Choosing the Flowers

Rather than starting off by choosing the actual flowers, you could first think of a color scheme that your mother will really like. Colors that go well on Mother’s Day include cheerful springtime hues like pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, etc. that can be offset with some green foliage and white flowers to boost the impact of the color scheme.For the best effect, include flowers that you know your mother adores, however, if you are not confident of your selection then make sure that at least the flowers are in the colors that make her happy. An arrangement of fresh spring flowers is a choice that can never go wrong if you find yourself undecided. 

Get a Grip on What Works Best for You

Ask the florist whenever you feel confused; they are the experts and will be able to advise you the best. You can purchase a pre-arranged floral arrangement that every florist will offer or if you are a dab hand in arranging flowers, you can either give instructions to the florist or do it by yourself. Normally, the most convenient method to send flowers on mother’s day is to order a pre-arranged bouquet; you know what it will look like even before buying it, however, you can be sure that your own effort in arranging the flowers will not go unnoticed by your mother.

Size, Quality, and Budget 

It is important to decide on how large the bouquet will be; some people prefer large and elaborate arrangements while others really go in for simple and minimalist styles perfectly executed with a few statement blooms or even a single flower with smaller accents. Go in for a single type of a flower rather than mixing and matching if you know that your mother flips out on that flower. It is best to decide on your budget to avoid making a wrong choice or an expensive mistake that you can ill afford. Remember, the cost of the flowers is not the only thing to be accounted for; you should ideally include a vase, a card and even a box of chocolates.


Regardless of whether you are buying in person or online, remember to choose only bouquets that adhere to the color scheme and preference of flowers. Insist on flowers that are in absolutely good condition and fresh. Make sure that the florist or the online store gets the order details, including the delivery details, right. Do call your mother on her day to wish her and confirm that she has received your gift and is happy with it.