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How do Outbound Call Centre’s software help in generating more revenue?

As we know that, every call centre firm whether it is inbound or outbound wants to offer exceptional customer service and the impact of its work cannot be ignored. Therefore, most of the companies opt for BPO’s services to generate more revenue. Due to some reasons, it is always said that outbound call centres are less effective as compared to the inbound ones but it doesn’t mean that the former is good for nothing.To improve the productivity of telesales agents,there are many software programs that have been used and the important ones are mentioned below:

¨    Inbuilt CRM

Most of the outbound call centres ensure that all the software programs must have inbuilt CRM because it is very important from the business’s perspective.  This helps the agents to access all the customer’s profile information that includes previous calls, voicemails, call recordings, purchases, tickets etc. without any hassle. Therefore, it boosts the productivity of sales team and that automatically propels the revenue levels.

¨    Click-to-call

Click to call is another crucial tool that helps the agents while placing an outbound call as they can click on the contact’sphone numberfrom the CRM, missed call lists, chat, voicemail lists, etc. And, this not only reduces dialling errors but also increases efficiency.

¨    Automated tasks

There are many effective outbound call centres that leave no stone unturned when it comes to increasing the sales team’s productivity. Due to some reasons, they don’t get the desired results. Therefore, the importance of using call centre software with automated tasks gets increased. Because it not only reduces the manual work but also updates several business tools with the common customer’s data rapidly. This gives extra time to the agents to spend where it is required. All in all, enhanced revenue levels will be on the cards.

¨    Real-time and historical reporting

Real-time and historical reporting are the other tools that are preferred by most of the outbound call centres. Real-time reporting tells about the call rates, average hold time, agent idle time, missed call rates etc. And, this information helps in making data-driven decisions. On the other hand, historical reporting tool helps in tracking the performance of the agents, campaigns, departments etc. This gives a fair idea to managers & supervisors regarding the call volumes and that helps in managing the staff accordingly so that business’s productivity doesn’t get affected due to a high or a low number of telephone calls.

¨    Disposition codes

As we have already told you that automated tasks play an important role while updating the contact’s information. But, it doesn’t mean that all the info can be updated automatically.  There are some information thatare always  supposed to be done manually. And here, the importance of call disposition codes gets increased as this tool helps the outbound team while updating the data effectively in a swift manner. For those who don’t know, call disposition codes are the depiction of call’s result that includes ‘Busy’, ‘Left Voicemail’,‘Appointment Set’,‘Call Disconnected’ etc. All the agents can access this information and that keeps the team on the same page so that nothing leads to any confusion.

¨    Call recording and monitoring

Being an owner of a business, you are always supposed to keep an eye on the staff so that nothing leads to any sloppiness. Therefore, many outbound call centres have a call monitoring & recording tool that helps the managers while checking the sales team’s performance. In addition to this, supervisors can listen to live calls, whisper coach the agents to tackle complex situations, replay the call recordings or use it to train the new agents, and much more. All in all, these tools not only help inquality control but also ensure better productivity, whichleads to more profit.

¨    WFM

WFM means workforce management and this tool helps in predicting call volume fluctuations so that supervisors can manage the staff properly. As we know that, understaffing will lead to high call abandonment rates that not only affect the CSAT score but also ensure the loss of business. Whereas, overstaffing leads to money wastage. Performance management, time-keeping & attendance, and Intraday management are the other benefits of this tool. Therefore, both inbound and outbound call centres depend on WFM.

Final Few Words

We hope that this blog will give you a better idea about how outbound call centre’s software can help in increasing the business’s revenue. But, if you are still not satisfied with the aforementioned points, please make use of our comment section.