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What to Do When You Are Diagnosed With ALS?

The Lou Gehrig’s disease, or ALS, is a disease that slowly destroys your entire motor neurons making it hard to perform normal activities like eating, walking, talking, and breathing. Hence, it is very normal for you to be overwhelmed after you get to learn that you are suffering from ALS. You might go clueless about what to expect next and it can be difficult for you to understand your situation.

Do not lose hope, as there are many coping devices in this world that can offer you a great help. Check some of these tips to try leading a normal life by keeping aside the horrors of ALS.

Be Thoughtful of Yourself

As mentioned earlier, it is quite common and normal for you to experience shock and fear after hearing the news that you are suffering from ALS. The spinothalamic tract in your body gets affected due to ALS pathway which is still not fully understood by doctors, and your emotional swing and isolation are not going to be of any help, rather it might worsen your case. Allow your mind to let go of all the grief, anger, condemn, and denial. This will take time but at least from a psychological point of view, you will turn gentle towards yourself and this dreadful condition.

Talk to Your Close People

An ALS state can turn worse if you keep denying your situation and blaming yourself although there is no fault of yours. There are many death cases due to ALS and it is not in your hands. Therefore, it is important to reach out to your friends and family and talk to them regarding this disease of yours. Communicating with your close ones will get you a lot of empathy and ease your coping mechanism. You can ask them to take you outside with them and prepare meals together if you wish.

Know More about ALS

ALS has the tendency to make people feel helpless and they can do nothing about it. However, with the help of the Internet, you can learn more about ALS and share your knowledge on social media to raise awareness for this cause. Gain as much knowledge as you can about the disease; discover the drugs and medical supplements that have the ability to reduce the progression of ALS, and all the present studies going on.

Alter Your Current Lifestyle

Make changes in your life and work. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and do whatever you can for staying healthy. Provide yourself with rich food supplements, improve your diet, quit smoking, join your nearby yoga classes, visualize positive outcomes from your job, and get plenty of sleep. Physical and mental fitness is of utmost importance while suffering from ALS.


With ALS, the main medicine you need is a support network of the people you know. Empower yourself with knowledge about ALS so that you do not have to remain clueless and helpless about your situation. A positive attitude and productive behavior can offer you a lot of help in leading your life normally.