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Read Guidelines To Send Something To UK By Parcel

In your personal life or profession, there will be many occasions that will require you to send something by parcel. Many reliable service providers can do this task for you for a nominal charge. However, you should keep in mind that the responsibility of the item you are sending does not solely lie with the parcel delivery service. There are many things that should be correctly done on your part. This will not only keep your money on shipping, but will also prevent unnecessary delays during transportation and sorting. Let us have a look at some simple things that will ease the process of sending a parcel to UK.

  • Pack properly
Many people take packaging of the parcel lightly. This should be avoided. When you pack the contents of your parcel, make sure that it is covered in a water-proof packaging material and is resistant to wear and tear that may happen during routine handling. Remember to remove any previous labels and address slips. It is a great thing if you are reusing an old carton for packing your parcel, but you should check for its strength and durability. If you are sending a parcel wrapped in decorative paper, it is advisable to wrap it again in a plain carton. This will prevent the fancy paper from tearing or getting damaged.
  • Check for prohibited or restricted items
When sending a parcel to UK, you should respect the laws pertaining to restricted and prohibited items. In some cases, a few prohibited items may still be allowed to be sent if you provide proper documentation for the same. Therefore, if you wish to send something that is generally not accepted, declare it to the courier or delivery company and ask for relevant paperwork to be done. A prior state approval is required for this purpose, and there are no shortcuts to this method.
  • Label properly
By labelling, we don’t only mean the receiver’s and sender’s addresses. Depending on the nature of the item being sent, the parcel may require additional labels. For example, fragile and delicate items should have a tag that says ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care’. Similarly, perishable goods and food items need a special label that clearly mentions its storage conditions and handling. In the absence of such important details, the delivery company cannot be held responsible for damage or deterioration of the contents. Also, you must put the receiver’s and sender’s addresses on the parcel so that they are clearly visible on the parcel after packing. If there are barcodes on your parcel, don’t put any tape or transparent layer on top if it because it may become difficult to scan.

By being careful with packing, labelling and choosing the contents of your parcel, you can ensure that your parcel will reach its destination timely and safely. Sending a parcel to UK is a very easy task if you keep these things in mind. Choose a reliable and reputed delivery company for this purpose, and you will be saved from the minor hassles that will otherwise make the process lengthy and inconvenient.