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How NeoStencil Is Transforming The Millennials Education System

A large number of students relocate to Kota or New Delhi every year in search of good coaching classes that can help them pursue their dream job. Preparing for competitive exams such as IIT, IAS, etc., can be an expensive affair and not everyone can afford it. This complication was solved by the startup NeoStencil which was founded by two IIM pass outs Love Beejal and Kush Beejal in the year 2014.

NeoStencil is an online educational platform wherein students can prepare themselves for competitive exams in the comfort of their homes. It connects students and teachers through live streaming of high-quality content which can be viewed at the same time or saved for later. NeoStencil has a tie-up with some of the best teachers in their respective field who help students prepare for these competitive exams with the best possible strategy.
The major advantages that NeoStencil offer:
        One can take the desired class without relocating and travelling.
        One can continue working while also preparing for competitive exams.
        It gives an effective platform by providing access to the best teachers and excellent quality advice like time management to all the students.

NeoStencil and Millennials Education System: The Correlation Between the Two
The classroom education has undergone a transformation because millennials are now technologically advanced. The curriculum has evolved, and new teaching methods are being developed to interact better with the current generation which spends a lot of time on digital media.
Here is how Neostencil transformed the Millennials education system.
Millennials don’t want to be bound by a traditional educational structure, and they don’t wish to sit in a classroom to learn and educate themselves. They prefer the use of technology over conventional chalkboard classes. NeoStencil is a platform wherein student can learn anything they want at the click of a button right at their desktop. It is a great way to balance technology and education together.
Choice of Subject
It is a blessing in disguise to be able to select the course one wants to study online. If there are multiple options available, students will have more opportunities to select and upgrade their skills. NeoStencil offers multiple courses at affordable prices to help students find their preferred course.
Social Interaction
Being constantly exposed to social media, millennials tend to stay connected online. They look for opportunities to interact with people on a larger scale by joining communities and connecting with peers online. They want to share their knowledge and collaborate with others to build their own personality. NeoStencil helps aspirants to interact with teachers by asking questions during classes which help them get a better understanding of the topic. There is an online chat option where one can ask questions during live classes. There is an email option available as well.
Digital Technology
The millennial generation has always been dedicated to digital technology through handheld devices such as smartphones, iPads, etc. They require the support of this technology to learn and educate themselves. They tend to perform better and handle more tasks through mobile phones than conventional platforms such as classrooms. NeoStencil gives the liberty to aspirants to take up a course wherever they are through digital technology.
Time Management
Millennials have seen their parents working hard over the years in expectation of earning good money or achieving great career heights. This generation doesn't want to spend their entire lifetime in accomplishing what they want and instead want to save their time. They make rationalized decisions and have a specific timeframe for their education. NeoStencil offers this feature by providing classes to aspirants at whatever time they want. There is an unlimited viewership option during the validity of the course and can be accessed 24/7 as per the convenience. 
Millennials are concerned about money, and they don’t always wish to spend a great deal of it on education. However, they don’t want to settle on lukewarm courses. NeoStencil solves this issue by giving the best of education by master teachers at cost-effective prices. Additionally, an aspirant doesn’t need to relocate and spend extra money on food, house or travelling.
Preparation for competitive exams is a lengthy process and requires a considerate amount of motivation. Not being able to find good-quality accommodation and increasing fees of coaching centres can be a barrier to maintain the basic amount of motivation. NeoStencil solves these problems by making sure you get the best content and guidance without moving out of your house.