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General Information On Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards are trophies that are considered to be an alternative to the traditional trophies that were made of glass or crystals. The specialty of this award is that it can be molded into any form that is wanted. Customizing these awards that are made of acrylic is very easy as a number of manufacturers specialize in creating great looking acrylic trophies.

There are a number of corporations that use custom made acrylic awards to give them to their employees and clients to honor them. These awards are created by pouring a liquid of acrylic casting resin. This resin is poured into a mould. They are then left to set and dry in order to become strong and beautiful. There are acrylic awards that also have items embedded in their resin. These items can be made of a number of materials and are called as embedment.

When it comes to embedment that are used in an acrylic awards, they can be made of anything or any material. Some of them are acetate sheets and paper. When an item is embedded in an acrylic award it gives the feel of an item floating inside an acrylic statue. Lucite is a branded form of acrylic that is developed by Dupont.

This is the major material that is used in making these trophies. Lucite was initially used in the windshields that were placed in the fighter planes that were built during the time of World War II. This shows the strength of this material. Later on, Lucite was improvised to have a number of other consumer applications.

Today, Lucite can be seen in the manufacture of hair brushes, some pieces of jewelry, lamps and also in beer taps. Lucite is known to be one of the most versatile materials. Thus it opened up a chance to use this material in a number of other applications like building trophies and even toys. There is a very keen competition in who produces the sophisticated piece of acrylic item in the market today.

The quality of the product is very important as it is mostly used for prestigious purposes. A person can be very creative when making trophies or awards with acrylic as they take the form of any mold that they are poured into. They can be made in a number of different shapes and also sizes. This depends on the preference of the buyer.

They also come in a number of colors. Colorful acrylic awards are even more presentable and attractive. This will help in giving a great feeling to the one receiving it. There are some common styles as to which these awards are usually made in. they are circles, star shaped awards, pyramids and also bill boards.