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Essential Jungle Survival Skills - Fishing

Perhaps the most vital elements of surviving in the wild when you are lost or stranded are finding shelter and food. While you can forage for fruits and vegetables, fishing can be a great option if you are near a water body like a streamor a river. Some survival fishing tips:

Include Fishing Hooks and Lines in Your Survival Kit

When you are putting together your survival kit, be sure to include some essential fishing gear that will make your life easier if you happen to get caught out in the wilderness. While packing a fishing rod may not be practical, you should definitely include hooks, weights, and nylon lines that will enable you to catch fish with a makeshift fishing rod. These do not take up much space and weigh very less too.

Fashion Your Own Fishing Rod

Perhaps the easiest way of fishing is to use a rod that you can fashion using a tree branch. Choose a green branch instead of a dry one as they are more flexible and tend to break less easily. If you want to use multiple lines and hooks, you can tie them to a tree branch overhanging the water. If you are staying at any of the Tadoba national park resorts, you could take time off to try and practice your survival fishing techniques.

Using a Drift Net

If you are in a large group that needs to be fed quickly, then using fishing lines can be a slow and tiresome process. Using a drift net, if you have had the foresight to pack one in your kit can be a good option to catch large quantities of fish quickly. However, use this option only in an emergency as this technique is illegal in most countries.


Ever since the history of mankind, spear-fishing has been one of the most prevalent techniques of fishing. The spear can be made very easily with a branch of a tree, the tip of which can be made into a point with your knife. Use a green limb as they are supple and do not break suddenly. If you don’t have a knife, tie a sharp stone to the branch. If you have an extra knife, you can cut a notch into the branch, fit the knife in, and tie it securely with a string to make a very effective spear. Spear-fishing is best done in shallow pools that make it easier for you to spot the fish and more difficult for them to escape.


Fishing for survival is relatively easy; however, irrespective of the technique you use, it is necessary to know the best spots to fish in to avoid wasting time and effort. Even though the fish keep on changing places depending on the time of the day, it is more likely that you will be successful if you try looking for them in places they can hide such as grass, weeds, plants or even rocks. Clear and shallow pools are usually the best if you can find them.