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Delicious chicken dish varieties

Each state of India has its own flavours. This happens because of the indigenous flavour added to the cooking. But in every part of India, cooking chicken is a very common thing. That is why; India offers some endless varieties of chicken dishes and each of them is unique on its own way.

One can fry chicken, or make a gravy dish out of it and add some stellar spices to make it a delicacy. When one looks for chicken recipes in Hindi, they will find a lot of options from dry chicken recipes to gravy chicken recipes and they can make any of them at home depending on their taste of food and culinary style.

Here is some finger licking chicken dishes that one can try at home.

Chicken Trivandrum
This one arrives from the land of Kerala and it has a simple recipe so that anyone can try and make it at home. Kerala is a land of coconuts and that is why; this dish also has a use of coconut in it. Kerala also produces major spices in India and so most of the dishes they make there are spicy. They use a lot of red chillies, garlic and ginger in this chicken dish.

Cashew Chicken
 Here apart from juicy chicken cubes one needs toasted cashew nuts and some fresh vegetable stir fry. Use of cashews gives this dish a nutty flavour and also a crunchy texture. One can use hoisin sauce in this dish to give it a different flavour.

This is a dish which is very famous in the state of Punjab. Here boneless chicken chunks are cooked with some rich butter gravy and a lot of tomatoes and spices are added to bring the perfect smell and colour.

CoorgGawti Chicken
Want something very spicy when it comes to chicken? Well, then this dish might suit you well. This chicken dish is made with a lot of fiery spices and if your taste buds are ready for that, then brings it on.

In this dish there is a combination of tamarind and coconut milk and this gives a delectable taste to the juicy chicken pieces. This dish arrives from the kitchen of Karnataka and one can make them at home as well.

Chicken Nizami
One has to use a spur of spices in this dish to make it luscious. Here the chicken pieces are mixed with cream and then some aromatic masalas are used to make it delicious.

Chicken Curry
This is actually a comfort food for every home. One can use some juicy chicken pieces to make a gravy dish out of it. Using local spices and slice of potatoes are mandatory in this dish. This is a perfect weekday dinner for any family.

Chicken Wings

This is a perfect evening snack when there is a party at home. One needs to marinade the chicken wings before frying them deep.

So, go ahead and cook these delicious varieties at home.