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About Online Psychometric Testing

Standard and scientific tests which are used to measure the mental capabilities and behavioural style of an individual are called psychometric tests. A candidates’ suitability for any job description can be measured. The aptitude of that person for the job can also be measured, which will help the company in recognizing the candidate which can get the job done.

Sometimes, psychometric tests also aid employers in collecting information about the hidden aspects of the individual which have been difficult to identify in the personal interview. The test is very specific and once the initial requirements of the position by analysis of the resume are acquired, the candidates are given specific instruction for the test through a letter. This also helps in narrowing down the spectrum of applicants because those who don’t meet requirements are immediately ineligible for the job opportunity.

History of psychometric tests-
  • Tests for suitability and proficiency date back to 2200 BC in the gruelling combat assessments made by the Emperor of China.
  • However, the psychometric tests taken today took birth in the theories of Charles Darwin’s cousin, Sir Francis Galton who took it upon himself to reveal the mysteries of individual differences. The scientist who lived from 1822 to 1911 made an observation that objective tests could reveal meaningful results about an individual’s personality.
  • The term ‘mental test’ was coined by a pioneer called James Cattell in 1890. The first modern intelligence test was designed and propagated by Alfred Binet, almost 15 years later.
  • Psychometric tests became famous in the 20th century, and in the modern world, these tests are the best standardized method to peek in a person’s mind and observe his characteristic abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Some tests are used to assess the intelligence of a person, while others are used to identify personality traits and capabilities. Motor, sensory, perceptual, and cognitive functions are put to test while conducting psychometric tests.
  • Many companies usually make use of psychometric tests to assess the abilities of fresh graduates because they invest a lot of time and money in them.
The requirement of online psychometric testing
  • The increase in quality of education inherently increases the number of job applicants in any firm. These applicants apply for every position in the company because of the enhanced capabilities and multi-talented personality. During these times, recruiters are fairly stumped with the number of applications and the interviews and their job becomes tedious. The recruitment process can be easily simplified by employing psychometric tests to test candidates.
  • Pressured situations can cost a company their heavy investment in candidates. Traits such as authority and leadership skills in managerial job positions or friendly and persuasive skills for sales positions cannot be judged completely because candidates may put up a fa├žade in interviews to bag the job. Since recruiters have to judge from face value, these impressions can be inaccurate. Psychometric tests give detailed insights andhelp these recruiters in making correct decisions about the candidates they interview.
  • Since they are online, these tests are quick and easy. The interview process may take weeks which may hinder the company from carrying out many projects. Psychometric tests are a boon in disguise for recruiters and companies.