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5 reasons why you surely want to be working part-time while studying

With the costs of university education increasing more and more each year, working part time is becoming a necessity for many students.

The increasing cost of everyday living, not to mention tuition fees or finding help with essay writing can all leave students feeling like they need to earn some extra money. If you do decide to look for part time employment, there can be a number of benefits in doing so:

#1 Money

Earning a wage, even if it is small is something to be proud of. As outlined above, there are many reasons why you need to earn additional money whether it’s to top up your student finance, supplement your studies with additional material or enjoy an active social life outside of university, there are countless reasons why additional money can come in useful.

#2  Experience

One of the best reasons to work part time is the invaluable experience that it can bring. Even if the job has absolutely no connection with the course you are studying, it will give you valuable experience in the workplace will look great on your CV. A role in retail for example will provide you with a number of transferable skills, all of which look great on your CV when it comes to graduation. Not only this, but the experience may also come in useful when it comes to coursework writing as you can draw on your practical skills and experience.

#3 Workplace Skills

Many students leave university without ever having entered the workplace and this can be a shock. The working day is very different to university and you will have responsibilities. A part time job can help you develop these valuable workplace skills which you can then take into any job, no matter where you decide to work.

#4 Knowledge

If you manage to secure a part time job in your industry this will equip you with really useful knowledge that you can use not only in your academic studies but also when you graduate. There is nothing more valuable than industry knowledge.

#5 Teamwork

When you work part time you will learn how to work as part of a team, supporting a business reach its business goals. It can also prove extremely rewarding and help you boost your confidence.

Lots of students work part time, some out of necessity while others work out of choice. Whatever your reasons, there are lots of benefits for completing some part time work, provided that it doesn’t have a negative impact on your studies.