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5 glitches to avoid in Call Answering Service

There is a wide variety of call centres in the world today and each one of them follows distinct methods of operation. Some are inbound, others are outbound. A few of them deal with the B2B companies and a number of contact centres work in the interest of B2C firms. So, we cannot assume that every organization that institutes calling manoeuvre in its premise will face the same level of progress. None of the enterprises can achieve the very same set of goals by following similar strategies. But there are still some techniques proven by the market experts that never fail to amaze the administrators. These tricks resemble the business formulas to attain definite success. One such example of the domain that works on a predefined procedure is the call answering service of an inbound call centre. If you fail to execute your tasks in a particular manner, you can face adverse results. To get a clearer picture, let us walk through the following mistakes that you should avoid while responding to an incoming call.

DON’T:  Answer on the first ring

It is considered a bad practice to pick up the call on the first ring. You should always wait until the second time and respond on the third buzz. This habit makes it look like you are giving enough time to let the caller prep-up and you are not absolutely free yourself. It eliminates the chance of miscommunication and misinterpretations due to the hurried conversations that happen otherwise.

DON’T: Automate every function

Although it is a well-established fact that the latest technological advancement has been making wonders in the sector of excellent call answering service, you should not totally rely upon the artificial intelligence. The human touch is a major factor in creating a positive and sympathetic impression on the customer. So, the efforts made by the agents in training themselves to manage calls must not be vain. And once the responsibility of the operator is over, you can switch to automated features of equipment for proceeding further with the sales process. 

DON’T: Talk in an arrogant tone

The behavior of your reps will pave a long way for you to go. Yes, your agents are the reason that the existing consumers are interested in coming back to you. Therefore, you need to ensure that the operators are patient, alert, cooperative, warm and perseverant to pitch the end user. In order to facilitate this practice, the agents can start with a greeting message in the caller’s native language and end on a happy note even if they are unable to convert the prospect.

DON’T: Recite the call script

It was earlier believed that reading a predesigned manuscript to approach a potential buyer is effective strategy of call answering service to convince them. But with time, the ideology has changed and it is conceived that simply reading or reciting a mugged-up script is boring. Instead, the reps should be present-minded and respond on the spot as the situation demands.

DON’T: Forget to promote special offers

At the end of every call, if callers are not ready to invest, you can tell them about a discount on products or special offers to draw their attention and end on a positive note.