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How Learning Hadoop Will Only Make Your Career Brighter Than Ever

One of the most important aspects of software domain is the testing of software & the role of a software engineer involved in it. This respectable & crucial position is an elemental part & confirms the long-term success of any application & its stability as well.

In case of the Hadoop technology, the responsibility of the big data professional increases. One can definitely switch to Big Data Hadoop being from a software testing background. A lot of people have been successful in transitioning their careers & find their job as a big data professional to be really fulfilling.

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Big data is a large set of data which is not processed using the conventional data processing technology because the data sets are filled up with data from several different sources & are analyzed & processed for worthwhile information. Big data is being used to collect information and insights on customer preferences & spending habits and patterns to give recommendations & suggestions for individual customer as well.

The data sets consist of a vast volume of data from various sources providing precise analysis result which helps in making better predictions & trend forecasts. The data is collected in real time which is one of the reasons why the analysis of big data & processing is fast & reliable. It can be anything such as email, text documents & numeric.

To delve deeper into this topic, here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider moving to Big Data Hadoop& be a big data professional:
  • The latest wave of big data has created excellent opportunities. The outpouring of big data is likely to continue in the time ahead. This represents how technology gets adopted & the shifts in the workforce (e.g. radio, television, printing press, internet, etc.). A large number of professionals are turning to Hadoop training in order to build their career in big data.
  • According to a recent survey, the growth rate of Big Data testing & the big data professional job is 6% compared to other software testing jobs. This shows the popularity of career in big data&Hadoop which is amazing. The comprehensive Hadoop certifications can do wonders for your career in Big Data.
  • There are diverse big data professional employment opportunities in the realm of big data testing. The test engineers are recruited by Software Company to test their own application or to help in the testing of any client’s project.
  • For any professional who is currently working as the software tester, getting the Hadoop training can be easy & that’s more than enough to make a move to Hadoop or Big Data. One must have the basic knowledge of Big Data &Hadoop skills to get acquainted with the implementation. For professionals who have already learned Java, Hadoop certifications would be just a cakewalk & such agility is highly appreciated.
Of course, learning Hadoop is one of the tedious tasks in life, but if you are interested in having a gratifying career in Big data, then Hadoop certifications can help you in building the foundation of that career.