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Have a taste of perfect fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines in India. Noodles, fried rice, momos, spring roll and Manchurian are some names of Chinese cuisine which are enough to make any mouth waters. Indian cuisine is well known for its spicy food but when both the cuisines are mixed, the taste is just inexpressible.

India has adapted a number of foods like Chinese BhelPuri, Chinese Idli, and many others. People from the whole world love to tickle their taste buds with Indian adaptation of Chinese seasonings. Most of the Indian Chinese cuisines include capsicum, cabbage, corn, black pepper, vinegar, and soya sauce.

Manchurian is one of the most popular Chinese dishes in India. The dish belongs to a special region between China and Russia but now this dish is eaten across the world. By adding different ingredients and recipes, different types of Manchurian dishes have originated from different regions.

Gobi Manchurian: it is believed that this has been originally developed by a small Chinese community who lived in Kolkata for some time. The recipe involves two stages, as in the first stage, preparation of red spicy balls are done while in the second stage, the gravy is prepared. Hence, there are two variants of this dish which are dry and with gravy. One can add the taste according to the need.

Chicken Manchurian: The dish is a must try dish for any Chinese or non-veg lovers. The combination of authentic Chinese flavours and Indian Punjabi chicken will force you to lick your fingers from every end. It can be eaten along with steamed rice or noodles to have the best out of it.

Chicken Manchurian is a popular starter recipe in India which is relished by all the age groups. The recipe includes half cooked vegetables and thick gravy. The dish is very easy to make thus, can be instantly made for the guests.

Chicken Manchurian
 Baby-Corn Manchurian: the dish is made by boiling the baby-corns. Once, a person learns how to make the gravy and sauce, it becomes very easy to make the different types of Manchurian. In this recipe, baby corns are dipped in flour and fried. The second stage remains the same which is the preparation of gravy with onions, tomatoes, and other veggies. This crunchy fish is the perfect dish for any type of party.

Vegetable Manchurian: As the name says, the dish is made with fillings of different chopped veggies in the balls made from flour. It is another deliciously spicy and soupy Manchurian variation loved by the people from whole India. This dish is mostly eaten with fried rice. The aroma of red-hot balls is so good that one cannot deny the dish.

One can have the recipes of all the types of Manchurian stated above by searching on the internet. There are recipes with the step to step instructions as well as with pictures and also including the chicken Manchurian recipe. So, one doesn’t need to worry about the sudden guest, just type the recipe name on the Google and that’s it.