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Various Classes under the Points Calculator for Australian Immigration Visa

Australian economy is flourishing and is accounted to have many companies that have vacancy for talented overseas worker. Every year lakhs of foreign skilled workers migrate to Australia for getting a promising tomorrow in Australia.

The country has a beautiful climate and high standard of living which has tempted many talented skilled immigrants. Applicant whose age is below 50 and has 6-7 years of work experience has bright chances to get skilled immigrant visa easily.

In Australia, the skill select system plays an important role in the points based calculation of visa. For getting entry into Australia you need to calculate your point scale, to determine whether you score has the minimum pass mark for each of the pointer calculator needed in Australian skilled immigration points calculator or not.


The various classes under Australian skilled visas are mentioned below:

Skilled subclass visa (subclass 189)

The applicant in skilled subclass visa doesn’t require any sponsorship from the Australian govt. The only abiding condition in this is that the person’s occupation needs to be registered in the list of skilled occupation. All the conditions are mentioned in the subclass 189 visa for applying under skilled subclass visa.

Skilled nomination (subclass 190)

Skilled nomination visa can only be applied by those people who are being nominated by state or government agency. Persons whose occupation comes under the consolidated sponsored occupation list (CSOL) are listed under this visa. All the information related to skilled nomination visa is mentioned in the subclass 190 visa.

Skilled regional visa (subclass 489)

The applicant must be a relative of a person who belongs to a designated area or a state government agency of Australia. If such relative of person is eligible to sponsor for the skilled regional visa, then they can apply under subclass 489.

Australian skilled immigration points calculator

People who wish to migrate from their own country to Australia on the basis of their skills, qualifications and work experience is evaluated on the basis on points calculator for Australian immigration. The various criteria under which the person’s point is evaluated are:
  • Age is below 50 or not
  • Level of English
  • Post secondary education or trade qualification
  • Necessary work experience as required for applying under skilled occupation
  • Occupation is nominated in the list of skilled occupation list(SOL)
  • Skilled employment outside Australia
  • Skilled employment within Australia
  • The highest level of qualification achieved by an applicant
  • State or territory sponsorship being nominated by the government of Australia
There are immigration attorneys who are specialized in providing the service of skilled immigrant visa. For one who is hailing from his own country to Australia need to abide by the latest legislation of Australia, to ensure that the visa is delivered in hassle-free manner.

You can rely on the services of various consultancy firms that are helping in providing you an opportunity to work in your dream place.