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Use of Assessment Tests to Get the Best Customer Service Workers for Business Concerns

Customer service is a necessary part of a business where they have direct interaction with clients. Many companies communicate through call centres. For these call centres, they must pick the best candidates for interacting with the clients.

Desirable qualities of customer service executives

Most of the customer service applicants will have some previous experience in the sales line. But, even they do not have this they should have qualities needed to interact with the customers in a good way. The recruiting shop or business concern can use screening tests to determine which of the job applicants has the right attitude and aptitude for their concern.

They check for the following qualities that one sees in a customer service executive always:
  • Calm way of interaction
  • Happy and positive outlook on life
  • Ready to serve attitude
  • Always putting the customer first
  • Finds an answer to everything fast
Uses of the assessment

This screening test is the assessment test for customer service prepared by the software company. The software company prepares question banks for almost all subjects and on various topics. The recruiting company or store which wants the customer service executives, buy the questions from the software company and uses them to filter the applicants and get the best ones for their job vacancy.

The store may have some specific needs such as executives with previous experience or those who have good English knowledge. Then, they can add some questions to the question bank they get from the software company that test the candidates for these qualifications. By doing this, they can select all those candidates who answer these questions in the right way.

Other than cooperativeness, the store may need representatives or executives who have the right amount of assertiveness. This comes with experience and the way to know it is to ask the right questions. You can ask the candidates to state the number of years of experience that they have in the assessment test for customer service.

The test format will vary according to the needs of the store. For instance, the store may need only part-time helpers to work at the store and that also on a temporary basis. Some may want permanent employees to work on a full-time basis. The store can include these questions in the screening test so that they do not make a wrong choice of the candidates.

The screening test helps reduce the number of applicants from a thousand to a handful. These are the handful who wants to work part-time as the store needs. Or, they may be the ones who are proficient in English.

Instead of making mis-hires and finding it out after making the appointment, you can include the questions in the screening test and hire only those who give the right answer. You can get the right candidate since you can include any kind of question in the screening test.

By selecting the best customer service executives for your staff, you increase the possibility of having more sales. Use the screening tests to pick the best candidates who have the best fit for the job.