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Omni channel Strategies-The New Face of Marketing

A long time ago, the only method of buying commodities included the long walk to the store and getting the cash payment in before you could call the purchase yours. However, with new marketing strategies evolving every year, coupled with the rising technological advancements in today’s world, the marketing forefront has seen radical changes as and when time passes. You can buy the same commodity while at home, through the internet or through the phone.

Omni channel marketing is a weapon of the new age which can be used by businesses and companies to promote their product. Omni channel commerce strategy focuses on a seamless experience for consumers whether they order the commodity through a mobile device, a tablet, manually through a brick and mortar store or a desktop.

It is a multi-channel approach that companies use to make the consumer experience effortless by incorporating data with all the devices used by a customer to give them an integrated shopping experience.

This means that these channels record and save all previous shopping experiences across all hardware portals, including visiting the store so that the consumer can access it through any device to review all data saved with that particular brand. This marketing strategy is ‘omniscient’ because of the data availability across all platforms.

Your product search, ordering and tracking history can be viewed by the in-store employee at the retailer, the phone representative as well as the website of that particular company. The strategy makes it, even more, easier for omni channel retail marketing, as the company does not have to dish out purchase information every single time.

Certain companies that have utilized omni-channel marketing to their advantage are-

Starbucks- The company card can be filled by the consumer through their smartphones, or at the café or with the Starbucks website. The rewards given to the consumer are regularly updated, any transaction is regularly updated across all mediums and a consumer can use the card, their mobile phone or cash for their purchases.

- This Company has started the ‘My Beauty Bag’ program, which allows loyal consumers to save their favourite items and purchase, reorder, or keep items aside for future requirements with a click on their app. Even inside the store, the consumer can review his/her shopping list using Sephora’s app.

Oasis- This Company is a UK fashion retailer that uses the concept of omni channel marketing brilliantly. The company has an e-commerce site, a mobile app and boutiques dotted all over the country, and it merges all these mediums perfectly for a sound shopping experience. They also give their store associates iPads so that shoppers can purchase their items, find products and use the ‘Seek and Send’ option to book items that their inventory doesn’t have.

Omni channel marketing is not the same as multi-channel marketing, as multi-channel marketing just casts a wide net over the consumer base by promoting products on various media channels. Omni channel marketing is a form of social marketing where various devices can be used to store previous shopping experiences, save current items and book items for the future if the stock is all out.