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Is douching harmful during the course of pregnancy?

Can you douche when pregnant? This is a question that might be on top of your mind. But trust me the answer to this is that douching is not a recommended solution if pregnant or not as well. You might come across numerous ads depicting feminine products showcasing their features, but it is not the correct message.

If you plan to douche while pregnant then be prepared for the worst. The vagina is the hub of numerous types of bacteria and if it is a healthy vagina there needs to exist a healthy balance of the same.

Douching is known to alter the balance and this could lead to a situation of overgrowth of some type of bacteria. This can pave way for bacterial vaginosis that can increase the complications associated with pregnancy.

Pregnancy and vaginosis

In case of some women there is no form of symptoms that is associated with vaginosis. In case of others there is a tiny white discharge accompanied by a fishy smell. When it is smell coupled with a discharge it may force a woman to think that they need to douche, but what they forget is that douching might be the root cause of the problem.

In this situation with the help of douching you are rarely going to fix it. Seek the expert advice of your doctor so that they can treat you in a proper manner. It can pave way for rupture of membranes and a host of other symptoms.

Douching in combination with the numerous health symptoms?

Douching is a process where you clean the vagina with water or other liquid solutions. This could be in the form of iodine or vinegar. You can squirt the liquid through a nozzle or a tube that is then inserted into the vagina.

In spite of the harmful effects of douching many women in the age group of 15 to 44 years douche. If you douche once in a month the chances of becoming pregnant reduces substantially. On the other hand if you douche after sex it is going to make it all the more difficult to conceive in the days to come.

If you douche during pregnancy the chances of delivering the baby too soon also increases. A study conducted revealed that African women were prone to douching on a higher scale. The main reason for it that they felt that it was needed for good hygiene.

Now the question is then how do you go on to clean the vagina. When you are bathing the outside of it can be washed with warm water. From the inside let the vagina clean itself by the process of mucus.

Just be aware of the fact that a healthy vagina is not going to smell like a garden of roses. But if you have a thick vaginal discharge it is better to consult with your doctor. This could be redness or some form of swelling around your vagina as well.