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How to cope up with shortness of breath during the course of pregnancy?

It is indeed common for a pregnant woman to experience shortness of breath during the course of pregnancy. Do not jump on to respiratory disease in pregnancy medicine as an expert opinion of a medical specialist could be sort out. The reason for it is that a lot of reasons could be attributed to such a situation.

It is a normal course of pregnancy, that the breathing could be affected by increase in hormone levels. In a way it might force you to breathe in a deep manner and it might replicate a situation where you feel that a lot of effort is put for breathing. In fact breathing is going to become all the more difficult with the uterus taking in a lot of space and this does go on to put pressure in the muscles below the lungs.

Once the baby drops down to the pelvis and is ready for delivery, this is the time where you can breathe a bit easy. You can resort to the following tips to keep breathing problems at bay
  • Ensure that a good posture is being maintained when you are sitting or standing. At any point one should not slouch as it does not provide enough space for the lungs to breathe
  • When you are sleeping put yourself in a proper position and this could be in the form of putting some pillows over the upper body or in a semi sitting position. It does go on to reduce the pressure that the uterus is known to put on the lungs
  • If you are into exercise do not overdo it. Doing some essential chores or walking would be enough. Understand your body and then respond to things in a better manner.
If you feel that the shortness of breath has started all of a sudden and it comes with pain then visit a doctor. Most times than not the medical staff provides respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy. It does point to the fact that something apart from pregnancy are causing the problems

Bad breathe also a part of pregnancy

The would be mothers all of a sudden experience a bad odour from their mouth. There could be varied reasons to it but first and foremost one has to pin point hormonal issues. It leads to the formation of additional amount of plaque in the teeth and this tends to contain bacteria. Women are known to eat a lot but when it comes to drinking, they lack considerably. When there is a baby inside the stomach, a mother should drink more water to support the fetus in the body. A huge amount of problem stems from bad teeth and the only way to get rid of it is to drink plenty of water.

Taking a cue of additional amount of water, the body also needs a lot of calcium at this point of time. When calcium levels are not meet, calcium from the teeth is taken.