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Exploring the resurgence of carpets

Walking barefoot on soft, woolen tufts and feeling the fabric brush between one’s toes feels, I guess everyone would agree, way better than the rigid plastic of a pair of slippers or the cold hardness of the floor.

Used not only as a means of comfort, carpets and rugs have been used since time immemorial to insulate one’s feet from the floor. Often, they are seen as a sign of wealth and luxury, and the more plush and ornately designed it is, higher the cost of the carpet climbs.

Prevalent in the time of kings and conquests, delicately embroidered and designed carpets covered palace floors from end to end. Since no proper industry was present during that period, artisans hand-crafted the very best carpets and rugs, working painfully on a corner tuft or tassel for, sometimes, weeks on end. 

 Intertwined with our country’s history, carpets have emerged into the new world as a relic of the old one that is being adapted for the next generation, yet still sees a phenomenal market for some of its unchanging traits.

Oriental carpets are the ones, which are typically made in Asian countries, especially in our country. Carpet manufactures in India rely on the skill of an ancient industry to cope with the growing demand. Even though there is no streamlined process or fixed industry in place for the production of carpets, two thousand and six hundred crore rupees were generated in export revenue last year alone.

Carpets can be extremely comfortable and particular in design requests. Some of the .major advantages to them are -
  • Style and ease - Carpet manufacturing companies in India make short pile carpets which can be cut into different shapes, and a bit of sectioning can make it fit any kind of available space. On top of that, there are a variety of designs to choose from, and the final theme of the house or building does not have to be sacrificed simply because that one matching article of home decor could not be found. All one needs to do is pick between western, oriental or arabesque and lay out their choice on the floors.
  • Safety - Carpets and rugs turn the walking area into a non-slippery, comfortable patch that is convenient for the moving about of elders and small children. This is found especially useful in baby rooms and stairs. Nurseries house kids who are small enough to need cushioning wherever they can, and a layer of soft felt between them and the hard floor goes a long way in achieving that goal. Hardwood stairs are found to be extra slippery, but covered by a rug or carpet, they instantly become child and elderly safe.
  • Cost - Carpeting the floor requires way less money to be put in than installing hardwood or vinyl floors, and upkeep consists of being handy with a vacuum cleaner.
All in all, carpets are an affordable solution to design and space problems, affording a beautiful and sophisticated look to the house while being easily manageable.