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How to Choose The Best Dog Food

When choosing your dog food, you should consider buying a high-quality well-balanced food. As a pet owner, you should keep your dog's hair coat shiny and sleek thanks to a good dog food. These foods can also help to strengthen your dog's immune system. In addition, they can be able to keep his digestive system in a good health. But, there are a lot of different dog foods. In this article, we will help you on how to choose the best dog food.

Know the ingredient of the best dog food

It's important to take a look at the label of the dog food you want to buy. In fact, the single ingredient of the food has to contain at least 95% of that ingredient. But, it doesn't contain water. And, if you see a combination of ingredients, this combination needs to make up at least 95% of the food. For examples, if the food shows that it is made solely of beef, it has to make up 95% of the food.

Read Ingredients

Next, it's also important to pay attention to the list of ingredients. In fact, the ingredients of dog foods are listed by weight. The ingredients include large amounts of moisture such as poultry, beef, chicken, or fish. They may be at the top of the list due to the moisture content. Also, they can provide more key nutrients like protein.

Consider Glutens and Grains

There are some controversies surrounding pet foods. They include the use of grains, by-products, and glutens. You can find grains in many pet foods. They provide a great source of carbohydrates. And, your pet easily uses them as an energy source. But, many people don't choose to feed their dog grains. In fact, their dog may be allergic to grains. Many pets may suffer from gluten allergies. So, many pet owners avoid choosing a gluten food for their dog. But, this allergy is very rare in dogs.

Check the Facts on By-products

By-products include highly digestible as well as nutritious organs such as the lungs and liver. They don't include things such as horns or hooves, and hair. You should choose quality by-products from reputable dog food companies. Indeed, you need to choose a company you can trust.

Find Adequacy

Also, you need to check the pet food label for a nutritional adequacy statement. By this way, you can determine if the food is complete and balanced for all life stages or not. In fact, there are different requirements between puppies, senior, and adult dogs. That's why you have to choose your dog's food accordingly.

Look for Feeding Trial Information 

In addition to the nutritional adequacy statement, you need to learn about the adequacy statement. You can determine that through feeding trials or formulation to meet a nutrient profile. Just feed your dog the foods that come with undergone feeding trials. By this way, you can feed your dog the healthy foods while eating them.

Look at the Guaranteed Analysis

Through the guaranteed analysis, you can see the minimum amount of protein and fat as well as the maximum amount of fiber and moisture by percentage. You should look for a dog food that is converted to a dry matter basis. This is really important when you are comparing dry food to wet food. The guaranteed analysis helps you know a measure of nutrient categories. But, it can't show quality or digestibility of ingredients.

Ask Your Vet For Recommendations

The dog foods you should choose depending on his age, genetics, reproductive status, as well as lifestyle. It's important to see your vet make a body condition evaluation for your dog. Then, you will know the basics as well.

By this way, you can make sure your pet's weight is on-track. Don't forget that you can feel your dog's ribs. Your dog may need a little less or a little more than the suggestions on food packaging. Besides, there are some dogs that need special foods for losing weight. It's time to ask your vet for a dietary food.

Final Tips

Finally, you need to do homework on your brand. Not all food labels include info on sourcing as well as quality control in manufacturing. You can find them on the company's website. Also, you can call their consumer relations department to know the sources of its ingredients. Then, determine whether the company manufactures in its own facility. This purposes to get better control and safer food for your dog.