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Fuel Saving Tips from a Ford Owner

Are you a Ford vehicle owner? Are you worried about the fuel consumption of your new Ford Car? A Ford owner is here to help you out with his amazing fuel saving tips. 

If you are worried about the fuel consumption of your vehicle in spite of the combined MPG rating, here are few techniques following which you can save on your fuel henceforth. These tips have also been verified by the famous Ford dealer Marion. Read on to know more.

They say the way one drives his vehicle and maintains it determine the usage of fuel to a great extent. So here are the ways how some driving tricks can save on the fuel consumption.

The following tips would help maximize the fuel economy:

Driving Smoothly Would Save Up To 33% of Fuel

There is no benefit in aggressive driving. As it increases the risk of life, so does it in the wastage of fuel. Special attention is required in this matter while driving on highways. Everybody gets tempted to raise the speed in highways, which wouldn’t be bad either if one cares to accelerate smoothly, apply brake every time with softer pushes and keeping some time in hand.Staying in one lane too help in saving fuel as you don’t waste it going sideways but reach your destination straight off. It is good both for safety and for fuel economy.These techniques even prolong the life span of the tiresand brakes of the vehicle.

Use the Cruise Control Feature

Your Ford vehicle would have excellent cruise control feature. Don’t forget to make good use of it. Cruise control helps save fuel in both ways: firstly, it controls mindless fast driving and then it maintains a consistent speed, and would not use any additional fuel during the act of acceleration. Setting the cruise control at the most fuel-efficient speed of the vehicle at per or below the legal limit would save you a lot of fuel.

Staying on Gear When Stopping

Though it is said that shifting into the Neutral mode would save fuel, it is not the case with latest Ford like vehicles. On the contrary, these modern fuel-injected vehicles have a “fuel cutoff” mode feature in which the engine can sense that the vehicle is on gear, the rpm is not idle, and the throttle has been closed. When one shifts to Neutral this mode gets deactivated, so it is better to keep the car on gear when you need to pause driving for few moments.

Turning Off the Engine While Waiting

If the vehicle is parked, and need to wait for more than few couple of minutes, it is better to turn off the engine. This would save even more fuel in vehicles with 6- or 8-cylinder engine, as in bigger vehicles more fuel gets wasted during idle time than smaller engines.
Combining Trips

As said by an expert from the Ford dealership Marion, the engine becomes more efficient when it gets warmed up. Starting with a cool engine consumes more fuel than one longer trip. So, if possible, try to combine multiple short trips into one bigger one to maximize the fuel economy.

Final Considerations  

Apart from these there are more ways to increase the fuel economy. But the idea is to understand how your engine works. Whichever way, the engine needs to put more efforts, it is fuel consuming. So try to lessen the burden on engines whenever you drive a modern Ford car.