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Features, Types And Benefits Of Vehicles For Physically Challenged

Millions of handicapped persons across the globe make use of wheel chairs. Recent years have witnessed a sea change in this field as WAVs, i.e. the wheelchair accessible vehicles with their unique features and benefits have become so popular. These specially designed vehicles enable the users to travel as a driver or as a passenger. He or she does not need to get transferred out of the wheelchair anymore.

Why WAV – Many people in this world find it difficult to transfer from their wheelchairs to the seat of a car. Even their caregivers are also not capable to lift them. It is the WAV that helps them out.

Other options - Many people may not get fully acquainted with the WAVs. They go around searching for the special vehicle with extra comfort as regards its use and other features. A standard car fitted with the necessary adaptations could be the right choice for the guy that is unable to get transferred out of the wheelchair. Variations including swivel seat, person hot or the transfer plate could help in accessing to the car. Boot hoist or the rooftop stowage box could also be of great assistance in converting the vehicle into a feasible one.

Types of WAVs – Those needing wheelchair accessible vehicles must choose the special type that suits them the most. A large estate car or the MPV with wheelchair since hoard in the boot could be the right option when portability from the wheelchair into the car seat is not any problem. Known as the boot storage vehicle, such kinds are quite popular.

The other type of WAV is wheelchair hoist.  The electric hoist or the boot-mounted hydraulic is helpful in lifting the wheelchair right into the boot while the car gests controlled by the driver. Those with good mobility and ca[able to walk from the back of the car right to the front often make its use.

Rooftop storage WAV with roof box use the hydraulic or electric hoist since controlled within the car. Such a WAV is popular amongst the guys that are strong enough to get into the seat of the car. Other types of WAVs include the driver-operated or the ones with ramp enabling the users to get into the car. People with low mobility strengths mostly use this WAV.

Why many people use the WAVs – It is the pain that is reduced by using a WAV that makes it so popular. Unwanted pain in the shoulders is lowered in a big way. Such vehicles with ramp or lift system help in saving the precious time too.

Extra freedom is the unmatched feature of wheelchair accessible vehicles that eliminates the big need of any assistance by others. Saving the money is also another big benefit as the government and non-government agencies come forward with monetary assistance to the needy guys that need these vehicles.

Candidly, a WAV is a big boon for the physically challenged guys that can move around freely and enjoy.