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Top 5 Picks Of Momos for All Momo Lovers

Our country is very famous for its snacks and street food. Well most of these have had an Indian origin;but there are some recipes that natively belonged to our bordering countries and now have gained popularity in our country too and hence are being consumed widely. And we are going to be discussing one such item that is momo.

We all have eaten momo and we all love momos and we just can’t have enough of it. Momo is actually a kind of dumpling that comes both in the form or steams and pan fried. The native for this very dish is Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and the Indian states sharing borders with these countries.

This dish is typically served with a hot and spicy sauce and a bowl of hot soup to go with it. One doesn’t have to worry about it being an unhealthy snack because it uses almost no or very little oil in its preparation, and it tastes great. 

I often like to have momo if I am just getting up from my sick bed and all my taste buds are dead. The taste of the spicy sauces and the hot soup bring me back to life. So, I am going to be talking about my top 5 favourite momos that I just can’t resist.

Also, making this is very simple, so if you are in the mood of some dumplings then you have to try these out. Take some help from the internet and you could find momos recipes in Hindi and/or in English.
  1. Steamed vegetable momos- these dumplings have a filling of boiled vegetables such as cabbage, soy chunks, paneer and other seasonal vegetables in it. It can be served with a hot and sweet tomato sauce or even mint chutney would go well.
  2. Fried momos- this delicious kind of momo is filled with sautéed vegetables and has pepper seasoning to it. But in addition to it, they are deep fried that makes them crispy and gives it a brownish-red colour. Again one can either have it with their preference of sauce of soup or have both together.
  3. Tandoori momo- the tandoori momo gives you a desi touch and it would please the heart and soul of every desi. They have a very Indian flavour and are very rich in texture. When served with mayonnaise or hot sauce, they become irresistible. The tandoori momos are available in vegetarian as well as non- vegetarian preparation.
  4. Soup momos- these are a bundle of joy because you have momos in the soup. The momos are served in a hot and tangy soup that uses either chicken or vegetable broth in its preparation. The soup can be of your preference. One could use it with a clear soup or a creamy one, both taste heaven.
  5. Cheese momos- they use cheese as their primary ingredient, and because of which a bite of the cheese momo is a burst of cream and cheese altogether. Along with that there are sautéed vegetables also used.