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Tiny Tiny Shop Shop: Choose Outdoor Toys To Keep Kids Active

Encouraging kids to play outside is pretty important as it helps in the development of a child's crucial skills such as social skills, in keeping them healthy, helps in reducing stress, and a lot more. Generally, outdoor games provide several benefits. However, with the presence of smartphones, television, video games and other gadget, kids often prefer to play indoors. Getting them to play outside can become a struggle for parents.

Providing kids with toys that can be played outdoors can help in getting them out. However, you have to choose carefully. For a wide range of outdoor toys, visit Choose outdoor toys that can keep children from getting bored.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Toy

The first consideration when looking for an outdoor toy is the child's age. Make sure to pick an age-appropriate toy so you are certain that the kid will enjoy. An 8-year old kid may be able to play and enjoy riding bicycles, scooters and the like alone; but for a 3-year old kid, it can be hazardous.

Choose a toy that promotes physical activities. The main point of getting your child outside is to get him or her active. Therefore, choose a toy that let him/her moving around. Tiny Tiny Shop Shop has a wide range of rides and other outdoor toys that are perfect for active kids.

Since the kids will be playing outdoors, they might not be monitored as close as when they are playing indoors. To make sure that they will be safe, better avoid electronic toys unless you are certain you can keep an eye on your child. Kids would surely love to bring cool tech gadgets to play with outdoors. However, remember that the reason why they play outdoors is to get them active while exploring their surroundings. You won't wish to have them outdoors and just end up staring at their gadget's screen.

Lastly, if you wish your kid to play with children in the neighborhood, choose an outdoor toy that promotes teamwork.

Safety First!

Apart from choosing a safe and quality made outdoor toy, it is also important to make certain that the place where a child will play is also safe.

As a parent (or even a baby sitter), it is important to know your neighborhood. Determine which area is safe and which part should be avoided. Monitor and warn your kid about the latter. Also, teach the kid about road safety, tell him/her what time she/he have to go home, and the stranger danger. In addition, make sure that an older buddy can come with him/her.

Quality Outdoor Toys From Tiny Tiny Shop Shop

To guarantee quality toys, you have to purchase from reliable store. Tiny Tiny Shop Shop assures that all toys for kids are safe and well made. To browse the list of available outdoor toys, click The shop also offers other toys including but is not limited to toy's kitchen, dolls, doll houses, arts.