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Some surprising facts about baby kicks during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a bundle of surprises. The women who are conceiving for the first time, generally get panicked when they experience such things all of a sudden. Among the various surprises, baby kicks is an interesting portion of pregnancy. No matter you have conceived for the first time or third, every mother waits for the day the baby would respond by kicking and fluttering. The kicks may trouble you a little, but they are the sign of a healthy baby growing inside you. This doesn’t mean that all the movements show you healthy signs. Some may also be troubling ones.

Here are some quick facts about baby kicks that might surprise you, especially, if you are expecting for the first time.

The initial kicks from the baby start in the 12th week of pregnancy

Yes, this is true. No doubt the mothers conceiving for the first time, wouldn’t be able to mark the kicks in the initial stage, the fetus starts kicking in the 12th week of pregnancy. The baby makes movements that might look unfamiliar, and also aren’t strong in the initial stage of pregnancy. The mothers get a proper idea of the kicks in the 24th week of pregnancy. Incase the placenta is positioned in the front side of the uterus, you may feel the fluttering of your baby.

Babies kick for responding to the surrounding environment

Surprising, but the babies can experience the environment the mother is surrounded with. The noise, sudden light, strong essence, spicy food items, etc. would stimulate your baby growing inside, and hence, he would also kick or move accordingly. Along with this, the babies also relax and stretch in the womb, for going to sleep. While the mothers exercise, the fetus would also be relaxing well, and would also respond with kicks.

The mother-to-be receives nearly 15-20 kicks everyday

This would surely make you wonder, but according to the counts made by the daily pregnancy calendar, a baby kicks nearly 15 to 20 times in a day, which is considered to be an ideal count for a healthy baby. The mothers would receive kicks either during days or nights, as per the sleeping time of the baby. If he is awake at night, he would surely kick you when you are sleeping. A baby sleeps nearly 17 hours in a day, and if you would be awake while he is active performing moves, you would surely notice his wakeful moments.

Contact if you count less than the normal counts

No doubt there is no perfect pattern for counting on your baby’s kicks, but as your baby grows and starts developing, you would surely keep a watch on the movements your baby makes with the sensational kicks. However, if you experience movements less than 10 on the kick counter wristband from your baby in 2 hours, it is time to see your doctor. Hence, it is important to make a note of the movements your baby makes for having a strong and healthy baby.