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How to Improve Your Dog's Diet

You should pay attention to what to feed your dog. In addition to exercise and mental health, you need to also concern about the diet. In this article, we will give you some of the most important principles you need to know if you want to give your dog perfect canine diet.

Take the label test
You need to check the labels on your dog's food to get more informed purchases. The ingredients are listed from the largest to the smallest on the label of products. You should google search "bad for dogs" as well as "good for dogs." you will know the surprise results of the first five ingredients. You also need to discuss the ingredients with the company that recommends the products. Then, you will know its ingredients as well as its source.

Don't feed your dog with shelf-stable foods as a staple diet
You may often ignore the alarming reasons why processed food can be used for 12 to 24 months because of clever marketing. It can also help to believe that shelf-stable foods come with everything dogs needs to live. Shelf-stable dog foods don't have live enzymes because of their industrial cooking processes. But, they can be sold as a staple and daily diet on the market.

Introduce fresh whole foods
You should choose fresh foods for your dog. They contain full of live enzymes. So, they will help to add a new dimension to your dog’s health. You should also consider whole foods because of their fiber. They can be able to encourage pooping and improves stools. It's important to research on safe whole foods for your pet. There are also some bad foods for your dog. You may not know puree vegetables can help to absorb the maximum nutrients.

Choose dog foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
Inflammation may lead to disease. That's why you need to research all ingredients in your dog’s diet. This may also cause premature aging in both your dog and you. So, avoid choosing processed commercial foods. In order to prevent inflammation, you need to choose foods high in antioxidants. These foods will help to keep your dog healthy.

Don't cook meats
The fact is that raw foods contain much more beneficial nutrients. That's why you shouldn't cook meat for your dog whenever possible. This may release more nutrients once cooked. Therefore, you also shouldn't choose commercial pet foods for your dog. If you still want to cook meat for your dog, you only should sear it instead of cooking it through. 

Wash non-organic produce in apple cider vinegar
Instead of buying organic produce, you can also make what you can get safer. Plants produce allelochemicals can help to avoid toxic substances such as pesticides. Use can use a clean soft brush and soak non-organic fruit and vegetables in a combination of one part of apple cider vinegar and four parts water for a minute. This will scrub the pesticides off these foods. Then, rise them.

Avoid gluten
There are many dry dog foods that have gluten meal. It's to prevent inferior and unstable fats from becoming rancid. Even a small amount of corn gluten may also harm your dog's organs. It's the cause of training the liver and kidneys.

Replace rice with organic green lentils
Grains are not healthy for your dog. Almost pets are allergic to wheat. If your dog suffers from an upset tummy, you should give him boiled chicken and rice. You can choose a great protein-rich substitute like green lentils. But, you have to take your time to boil them. It's essential to soak them first and rinse before cooking. They are considered as one of the best nutritionally valuable leguminous plants. They are great choices for the highest protein, fiber, and minerals content. In fact, they can be able to help to boost the immune system. Also, they can help to prevent and treat cold sores, shingles, as well as herpes in humans.

Add raw coconut oil as a source of fat
You can manage your dog's weight by adding coconut oil. It can be able to go straight to the liver to convert into energy. Your dog also needs to do exercises in order to get more energy. This also helps to get risks of obesity-related diseases. But, you still have to provide your dog with a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. So, you can choose chia seed, hempseed, or flaxseed. It's better to add small amounts of sardines.

Bonus tips
After all, we will give you some bonus tips. First, you need to care for your dog's skin. Avoid putting anything on his skin that you wouldn't eat. Then, you have to get a diet for your pet. We recommend you to walk your dog every morning for 20-30 minutes. This aims to improve bowel movements and regularity. Last, let your dog have the freedom to pee and poop.