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All You Need To Know About 977 Music

977 is a famous radio channel which was started by Jeff Bachmeier in the year 2000 and it has been popular ever since. This online free radio became a good alternative to the terrestrial radio established in the United States. The growing number of listeners and the sheer increase of people loving 977 is unsurmountable. As per latest data the radio offers 16 live streamed channels that are listened to worldwide. It has also in association with car internet radio service through collaboration. At present it caters to only the English language listening audience.

Internet radio free streaming offers the following genres
-          Pop
-          Rock
-          House
-          Folk
-          60’s
-          Oldies
-          Electro
-          Jazz
-          Blues
-          70s
-          Alternative
-          90s
-          R’n’B
-          80’s
-          Chill out
-          Hip hop
-          African music
-          Ambient
-          Soul
-          Classical
-          Country
-          Latin
-          Classic rock
-          Asian
-          Classical
And many more that will blow your mind of the sheer choice that for you to lap up. All this for free, which is amazing. Internet radio free music is now in your hands. It’s time when people make use internet radio free.

To get an access to the internet radio from anywhere in the world, you need a good internet connection in the first place. You can then choose the channels from any country you please and listen to your favourite songs. The top songs from any billboard chart busting numbers from any film etc.

This access to channels from other countries was not possible through the traditional radio, but internet has made this possible and now you can listen to U.K. Top ten or pop song from Korea. This way the expatriates never miss home. But some of the major networks restrict their listening to in country due to music licensing and advertising problems. But you still have a large range of radio channels to look forward to and there is no need to be disheartened as there are thousands of other channels you can tune into.

The proliferation of independent radio free streaming has made inroads at all levels with people connecting much better with number of listeners increasing and in tandem with the new found joy of listening to music on the go. Some of the popular networks have restricted their area of listeners due to licensing and other issues. But there are innumerable channels that feed you with good music and all the stuff that you want listen to.

With the audience frontiers are far flung and more people consuming the content on the online radio so more opportunities for the creators of content and consumers of it as well. There is no person who doesn’t love their choice of listening to music either from a playlist or a radio station.