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Wear classy and be classy

Men wear is ruled by history and tradition, this is a real fact, even the latest trends in the men wear are somewhere inspired from the styling techniques that were popular during the ancient time. And when you start exploring a new trend for men clothing there is quite a small difference.

In India, during the ancient times the men clothing included dhoti and kurta, later dhotis were replaced with pyjamas and as the time passed by and the western culture came into picture, men styling showed a drastic change now, the dhoti kurta was totally replaced with high fitted Pants and crisp and clean shirts and since then this has been the style trend for men.
Like for women there are numerous styles of dresses be it western or ethnic but when it comes to men’s clothing the options were quite less, the common dresses they could wear were just pants, jeans with some shirts or t-shirts and for work no other option than wearing the well-fitted suit. But today with the help of some highly creative designers, now men can find numerous styling options.

Here we bring a list of different casual and formal dressing styles for men. Whatever you wear, if you want to look stylish and classy the most important part is the confidence level, carry your confidence well and you are good to go.

It’s not always when you copy your favorite film star, you can look exactly like them, yes there are dresses which are inspired by some well-known celebrities but it is suggested that whatever you wear make sure you are comfortable in it. Styling should be done keeping in mind the comfort not to please people.

Styling tips for men
  • Always wear well-fitted clothes. Ill fitted clothes never look good on anyone so always pick the clothes that are made as per your body shape. Wearing well-fitted clothes give you a classy look.
  • For an informal day, you can pick nice blue denim with a crisp white shirt, this can be the best look for Fridays at an office.
  • Teaming up the same blue denim with some quirky t-shirts can give a more casual look, which is the best fit when you are planning an outing with friends.
  • For festive times, nothing can be better than going ethnic, pick some nice kurta and pair it up loose pajamas or churidar. Add a jacket to it to have the more royal look.
  • For the work wear, nothing can go better than well-fitted trousers with a crisp cotton shirt, wearing contrasts that are not too dark can add the sense of elegance to your outfit.
  • In case of professional meetings, one can pick 3 piece suit or a tuxedo can be another best option.
  • If going for a casual but somewhat formal meeting then you can pair a blazer with a nice pair of denim.
  • Footwear plays a very important role while finishing up your look hence pick your footwear wisely. Don’t mix your formal footwear with your casual look.
  • Add a watch to your look, to give yourself a charming and noticeable look. Ensure that you pair a sports watch with your casual look and formal watch with the formal look.