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Ways to Celebrate with a Water Theme

Throwing a party with water involved is a great way to do something different and make the whole event more fun for everyone. If you have friends who are quite happy to get a bit messy, a bit soaked and enjoy the evening as it goes, there are many ideas you can try to work with in order to develop something that is perfect for you and will attract lots of attention and plenty of excitement too. 

1.      Go to a water park
No matter what age you are, going to a water park never gets old. There's the lazy pool for those who don't want too much motion and excitement, and the wave pool for those who don't like high rides but still want some sort of thrill. There's a myriad of slides, rides and whirls and loops for everyone who loves rides and thrills in general, and there's always plenty of food options and drink choices too. If you're having quite a large party, get in touch with the water park and tell them about your plans. They might be able to let you use a certain section of the water park exclusively for your party, so you can have some privacy as well as having all the fun you want.

2.      Hire a party boat
Party boats are a good way to have your own space while still doing something different and unique. Some of them will dock and let you enjoy the party without actually moving the boat, while many will also sail out for a few hours letting you enjoy a mini trip to sea. They will be able to stop at certain locations and let your party guests dive into the water and swim for a while, and you can request to have catering and drinks on board too. Hold your party when the weather is at its warmest, and everybody will be desperate to get into their swimwear and celebrate with you in the water.

3.      Throw your own foam or water party
Some venues are designed particularly for these types of parties, but if you can't find somewhere suitable, you can always go to the beach, a park or even your own garden. Foam parties are a great way to have some fun, and once you've got everyone drinking, the party antics can really commence. If you want everything to get even messier, buy some water guns and put everyone into teams and see who can finish the game without getting soaked – it's almost guaranteed nobody will be able to achieve that!

4.      Have an aquarium party
If you love sea life, there are many aquariums all over the city, which will allow you to hold a party. You might have a problem finding somewhere with alcohol, and you might not always be able to hire a space privately for you and your party guests. Slightly less wild than a party boat, but it will definitely be a unique experience for everyone to remember.