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How using URL shortener can help you better spread your brand’s story on social media

For years, the use of Short URLs was very significant for Social Media as well as in order to get the maximum out of them it was significant to handle them correctly for SEO. Is that still true now in 2016? Small Answer = No, their implication has dropped significantly. A web address shortener is an application that changes a regular web site URL into a reduced one. The shortened versions are typically among 10 and 20 characters long.
What is a URL Shortener?

URL Shorteners are apparatuses that permit you to generate a condensed URL (Uniform Resource Detector aka link) from an actual long URL for sharing on character limited networks similar Twitter. URL Shorteners moreover typically offer some chasing functionality to see how numerous times a shorturl is used plus how often. For instance, if we were to procedure the url for this blog post the outcome would be somewhat similar to the following:

Why Were They Significant and Why Are not Short URLs Significant Now?
Short URLs were actual significant since Twitter, as well as similar social networks, limits the dimension of tweets toward 140 Characters which ensued in wasted characters while using extensive URLs. The URL for this blog post is 72 fonts long which beforehand would have used above 50% of the character allowance. URL Shorteners delivered a way to leave the unique link original whereas keeping the character usage on Twitter as little as possible.

Nowadays these Link shortener are no longer as significant as they used to be since Twitter altered their character counting algorithm toward treat all URLs the similar regardless of their span. Twitter did this through automatically handling each URL used over their own URL Shortener named "". Now if you comprise a URL in your tweet they would be converted to something alike to the following:

Because of this automatic shortening through Twitter, users plus companies no extensive need to pre-process URLs themselves. Whether you have a URL that is 25 fonts, 72 characters, or even 158 characters, Twitter treats all URLs the similar resulting in a use of 23 characters.

Are There Any Details to Use URL Shorteners Now?
Yes, URL Shorteners still offer some profits especially in states where you are linking to a website wherever you can't sight the analytics. Most URL Shortener services offer usage chasing to view analytical data concerning while and how frequently a short url is used. This data might include, however not limited to, how numerous times the URL is visited, the date as well as time of each visit, referrer source of every visit and rough geographic data for each visit.

If you feel so tending, you can usage shortening services, for example these ones, to make custom URLs, recognized as vanity URLs, which are connected toward your brand name.
For instance, the New York Times usages “” in the articles they share on social media. While you click on a link that comprises “,” you distinguish you will be directed to the New York Times web site.