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What To Consider While Installing Underfloor Radiant Heating System

The underfloor radiant heating systems need to be installed by qualified underfloor heating contractors who know their task well and are aware of the voltage / safety requirements etc.

Following simple steps may be helpful for installing these heating systems in viable manners –

  • Planning – A feasible planning with regard to the layout of the underfloor radiating system is a must. The homeowners usually wish the radiant heat to warm the floor adjoining the sides of the hot tub and spread into the room center. First of all it is recommended to be aware of the final placement of the hot tub for placing the mats close enough but not beneath the unit. The three power leads may be placed in one location near the wall when three mats are used for installing the system by the underfloor heating contractors. It helps in ease of running the leads through single location in the wall’s bottom plate where the thermostat has to be placed.
  • Installing the underfloor heating – The next step is to roll out the mats and test whether they are fitting in their requisite locations. The power leads should be long enough so that they reach the thermostat in convenient manners. The mats should be installed in uninterrupted manners across the area that is to be heated because the heat may conduct two inches or less than that as regards the heating wire. Do not install the mats in such a way that the wires are neither nearer than two inches from each other nor do they overlap.
  • Feeding the wire – The sensor wire and the power leads may be fed to the control electrical box for which the services of a licensed electrician are a must. Be careful about the meeting point of the wires with the wall. A part of the bottom plate may be shaped for laying flat alongside the floor prior to changing the direction as regards the wall cavity for going up to the box. A metal plate may be placed over the transition point for protecting the wires from nails while installing the wall coverings or the trims.
  • Inserting the mats – The underfloor heating contractors should be careful with regard to the mats that must be embedded in full. It is recommended that the mats are secured, followed by pouring self-leveling floor compound over the floor for enabling single flat and level surface. Use of a grout float may work well.
  • Setting the tile and installing the control – The next step is to lay the tile and proper grouting. The hot tub may be moved on top of the tiled area. It may be followed by finishing the room in feasible manners. Qualified and authorized electrician may be hired for making the electrical connections. The system may be energized in brief manners for testing the functioning of all the components.
The above tips can be of great help for feasible installation of underfloor radiant heating systems.