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Use of 9Apps for Watching Videos Online Sees Rapid Growth, Here is Why

Are you looking for an app for watching videos online? Are you interested in streaming videos online? How many hours a week do you watch videos online and how much data do you consume for it? Analyzing the number of people who watch videos online, it is clear that video consumption is on the rise. People love watching videos online for a few reasons. This article will disclose the factors that helped 9Apps to become one of the most trusted video distribution platforms and how to watch videos online using the app.

Factors boosted online video consumption

Unlike the TV channels and other mediums, online videos are mostly ‘on demand’ videos. It means that you can watch it at any time when you really have time. You won’t miss any videos or shows because you couldn’t be there on time. On the other end, you can reproduce each of these ‘on demand’ videos at any time you are free.

On the other end, you must be present right in front of the television not to miss the shows. If you are not there, you are sure to miss your show. You have no option to watch those missing part again as the tv channel does not re-telecast it over and again. (There are some shows which are telecasted twice or more a day/week. But not all shows are telecasted in this manner in any way.)

Secondly, television offers you limited options. You cannot skip to the next program if the show is not interesting. You are only a mere viewer with fewer options to customize. The only thing you can do is a shift between the channels. But that does not help you always. You don’t have the option to skip ads either. You should see all of them and cannot skip any.

Now let’s look at the options you have with online videos. Online videos are mostly on demand videos. They can be consumed at anytime from anywhere using your mobile phone or any other device. You have the option to skip ads and choose videos of your choice.

The popularity of 9 Apps for watching videos online also grew. The reason is that the app helps you enjoy videos at lower data tariff. In addition, the app has a very good download manager. This helps you find the downloaded videos under a single destination folder ‘my videos.’