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Make your bones strong, healthy and disease free

Our body is made of 206 bones hence the whole body is based on how strong are the bones, when a child is born and even during pregnancy doctors suggest high intake of Calcium products like milk, curd, saturated fat in the form of ghee, fruits that rich in vitamins and calcium, the reason behind this is, Calcium helps in developing baby’s bones. Therefore, every mother in India is focused on feeding their child with ample amount of milk and milk products. Since we take extreme care of our bodies but if in case we find some issue related to our bones so now the question arises whom to consult?

There is a specific branch of medicine to deal with any disorder related to bones and the specialists to deal with bone related problems are known as Orthopaedic Specialists. These orthopaedic surgeons are trained in treating any bone related disease or problem related to joints or ligaments. Orthopaedic is derived from two words ortho means straight and pais means child. OrthopaedicSurgeon India treats patients with the help of surgical and non-surgical equipment. These specialists are generally related to people like athletes’ physical therapists, athletic trainers, gym instructors and people who are involved in physical training.

Know what is the qualification needed to be an orthopaedic specialist in India

·         MBBS degree holder
·         MS in orthopaedic
·         MCH in joint replacement
·         National or International training and fellowship programs
·         Paper presentation in the related field’
·         Most importantly, work experience.

Keeping the bones healthy is very important as bones make a human body move and perform the major functions, give support and strength to your body. Our body is designed in such a way that even missing a single element can lead a person to be handicapped. Bones are actually living tissues which keep on growing throughout our lives and in order to retain a good bone health it is recommended to have ample amount of Calcium and Vitamin D.

Here is a list of some common bone disorders

1.    Osteoporosis -  This is quite a common bone problem usually noticed in people of old age, this problem makes the bones porous and weak which makes them perform even the basic body functions. Generally, happens due to the deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D in the body.

2.    Osteogenesis Imperfecta - This is not a very common bone problem, as this is a kind of genetic problem and usually is inherited from the ancestors. Also, this issue is quite hard to diagnose, it requires a lot of collagen study.

3.    Paget Disease of Bone - Another musculoskeletal issue, this problem directly impacts the long bones of the body like the thigh bone, skull, spine leg and pelvic bones. In this disorder, the bones get bigger in size and grow weaker day by day which leads to easy fractures.

4.    Osteomalacia - This condition is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D and in children, this deficiency is named as rickets, and symptoms include Moderate to severe pain in the bones, weakness of muscles, change in body structure, impaired grip.

Start caring about your bones before it is too late.