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Is Zofran recommended for morning sickness during pregnancy?

Well any prizes for guessing on which is happens to be the most popular drug that is used to treat morning sickness but not approved by FDA. What happens if a large study found that moms who took this drug in first trimester had babies born with double risk of a heart defect. This would indeed be a cause of concern?

All this is true and the drug in question is Zofran pregnancy FDA . It is a popular drug prescribed to remove morning sickness. 1 out of 4 women are prescribed this drug during first semester of their pregnancy. Some studies do point to an increase in heart defects.

In case if you have consumed this drug then do not Google it. You will panic as the reviews are bound to be negative. Now let us take a look at the core facts.

Why Zofran in the first place?

Almost 80 % of pregnant women tend to suffer from morning sickness. In most scenarios, it is not a cause of concern, but in some women morning sickness can lead to weight loss or dehydration which can be deemed dangerous for your pregnancy.

Zofran happens to be a brand name for Ondansetron, a drug commonly used to treat vomiting or nausea caused by surgery or cancer treatment. As it works well, so it is used off label for morning sickness in case of pregnancy. Off label is used in the case of most drugs. But morning sickness occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, when birth defects are more likely to occur. So when some studies point to Zofran birth defects study phone calls start to pour in at the lawyer or doctor’s chamber.

What is to be done?

If you have consumed Zofran, the chances are that your baby will be fine. But on the basis of facts, it is suggested that you avoid the drug as far as possible. There are a host of other alternatives as far as morning sickness is concerned.

In 2013, the FDA went on to approve a drug termed as Digcelis for morning sickness which is a combination of antihistamine and vitamin B6. Some other options for morning sickness include
  • Do not hop out of bed early in the morning with an empty stomach. Lie in the bed for some time and consume some light crackers
  • Increase the intake of fluids during the day and eat small meals over the course of the day
  • Avoid foods which make you uneasy and in terms of fatty or spicy foods adopt a strategy of a strict no
  • If you are feeling nausea try some ginger
  • Opt for a veggie pop which is a combination of mint, lavender, ginger along with a sour fruit.
So there one goes. There is no need to panic in any way if you need to consume Zofran if you have tried everything else. Consult your doctor if you need any help with morning sickness. Being weak or dehydrated is not good when you are pregnant.