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What you need to understand about drug half life

Drugs have various uses, various effects in the body, various brands, various side effects and various instructions in terms of answering the "how", "when” and "What"
  • How do I take the drugs?
  • How much is the dosage? 
  • How many will I need to take? 
  • How long will it last? 
  • When will it loose its effects? 
  • When is the best time to take it? 
  • What is the interval of the drug? 
  • What are the drugs that can do well with it? 
  • What are the drugs that I should avoid when I’m taking it?
So what is a half-life? This is actually based on a pharmacology term meaning the time when the effects of the drug slowly wears off by half. It’s still present in the body but it already passed the time where it has its maximum effect. What you need to know is that:

Drugs have various drug half-lives: Drugs have various half-lives; some have extremely short biological half-life while some have more. It just depends on the drug that you take and the more that you will be aware of this; the more effective you will be in managing your intake/interval.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a different drug:Regardless if it's a different brand name, if it has the same chemical compound it's still the same drug half-life. The only thing that will matter in this situation is the availability, the preparation and the price of the drug that varies per brand, preparation and manufacturer.

Doesn’t matter if it’s taken before or after: Now the taking of a drug before and after a meal and such is related to the potency of the drug, because these factors along with other factors like sickness and drug interaction can affect its potency but the half-life is still the same. There are drugs that are advised to be taken before meal to maximize its effects, while some are highly advised to be taken after because it can cause gastric irritation.

Doesn’t matter if mixed with other drugs: Drug interactions are related to the effects of various drugs mixed together if it will have a more positive result or negative effects. What you need to know about drug interaction is the various danger signs when mixing drugs and even when you’re just taking one. But the amount of time that a drug will wear off half of its effects will still be the same.

You can’t just take a medication and you don’t know anything about the drug, the drug half-life is just one of the things that you need to remember when taking a drug. Keep in mind that a drug can alter your physical for and help you get into the desired body. The best thing that you can do at least is research about the drug to not just better know it but to also maximize its effect and better manage it along with other drugs that you are taking. Don't just believe your gym buddies and do your research and most especially consult a physician.