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6 Tips to Save Even More During End of Summer Sales

Many associate the end of summer with going back to school or work, fun, easy times fading away, and the beginning of cooler weather. These people fail to see the beauty that comes with the end of summer. One of these beautiful things is end of summer sales.

These sales can revamp your wardrobe, boost the look of your home, or help you stock up on school supplies. Maximize your end of summer shopping and saving opportunities with these tips:

Know When to Shop

Research major summer sale dates, especially those at the end of July and early August. Mark them down on a calendar. Find what days your favorite stores, and major department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom, have their biggest sales.

Labor Day and annual sales are two key dates to mark down.

Buy For Now, Buy For Later

Buy basics like tank tops, jeans, cardigans, and t-shirts. Focus your hunt on items that work for summer and fall: get clothing that is easy to layer with your fall wardrobe.

Keep the future in mind: purchase items that you plan to wear next summer, like shorts, thin fabric tops, and skirts. Develop a game plan prior to your shopping adventure, so that you may be able to purchase your entire fall and next summer wardrobe at a fraction of their original cost.

Stay clear of this summer’s trends; stick to classic items that never go out of style.

Use Coupon Codes

Combine these end of summer discounted prices with coupons. Groupon provides over 25,000 daily coupons. Most major retailers, like Ann Taylor, use Groupon to showcase their daily deals and discounts.

Prior to your shopping trip, check the Groupon page of your favorite retailers, and look for all the discount codes that you can apply. These codes often end up saving you at least an additional ten percent off your total purchase.

Reward Points

Sign up for your favorite stores’ reward programs. Almost every store or restaurant has its own version of a loyalty points system. Every dollar that you spend, you acquire points that can later be applied to a purchase or exchanged for free gifts.

For stores you frequent often, sign up for these programs in advance. This way, you can accumulate a lot of points prior to the sales, and then get an even bigger discount when combined with sale prices.

Use the Pickup in Store Option

When available, choose the pickup in store option. You save because you don’t have to pay for shipping, and you may see more deals in the physical store than are online. Additionally, picking up your purchase in store allows you to try it out in there. If you regret your purchase after trying it on, then you can start the return process before leaving the store.

Just make sure that you know the return policy before buying. Many retailers won’t permit returns for items bought on clearance.

Shop Alone

Shopping alone helps you to focus on your deal search. A solo trip allows you to take your time, try on everything, and really bargain hunt.