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Want to buy Testosterone? Know your options!

Thanks to Adolfo Butenandt and LeopoldRuziicka, the 1935 Nobel laureates, who have introduced to this world the exogenous or synthetic testosterone? From that era, the use of synthetic testosterone has caught pace mostly for medical and performance enhancing roles. Before knowing the buying options, we must have a proper awareness about testosterone and its various aspects.

Forms of Testosterone available: 

There are basically four direct type of testosterone available&they are
  1. No ester - Testosterone - suspension with half-life of less than 24 hrs.
  2. Small ester - Testosterone - propionate with half-life of approx. 4.5 days
  3. Moderately large ester - Testosterone - enanthate with half-life of approx. 10.5 days
  4. Moderately large ester - Testosterone - cypionate with half-life of approx. 12 days
The basic feature to look for before purchasing any form is its half-life and the amount of ester present in it. The less the ester, the more the active ingredient of testosterone hormone present in it.In the same way if the half-life is more, it will stay more in the blood stream and show its benefits. Basically choosing the right form depends on the purpose of its use.

Where one can purchase Testosterone: 

The best option without doubt is getting it from a pharmacy. But it needs a valid prescription and also it is provided in a very little quantity.Second option is to go for the over the counter supplies. It is sold in many supplement stores or a few online shops. Although they are legal but the effectiveness of the products are debatable.

Many people go for middle men sellers and other online marketers. In the latter case, people will have the advantage of certain anonymity. Middle men are mostly an expensive way. They are also many direct website purchases through shopping carts and use of encrypted email transactions. These types of purchases need to be properly researched upon, as it involves various risk factors due to its authenticity,as all are not outright safe. Visit to know more about how and where to purchase testosterone.

Points to keep in mind before the purchase:

First and foremost we must have a clear understanding of our requirement, as the dosage and form depends on it. We need to do certain research on the active component present in the product because the effectiveness of it depends upon it.One must have an understanding of the pros and cons of the external usage of testosterone.One must be aware of the legality of the usage in certain countries and careful regarding the online transactions.

Lastly one must have a proper understanding of our own genetic makeup before administering of the hormone as although a naturally occurring substance, it has certain side effects too.Testosterone is an essential hormone, and has many advantages, but one must purchase it without compromising on the quality. Going with human grade level testosterone eliminates these doubts. Also a basic understanding of our body and the hormone is necessary.