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Why do bodybuilders depend on steroids for their survival?

The intake of steroids among the bodybuilders is considered to be duel leveled; the first one, using of steroids for the enhancement of performance and physique. Second is the use of anabolic steroids that is considered best for the bodybuilding activity itself. All anabolic steroids naturally bodybuilding steroids developed for the benefit of the bodybuilders. The use of steroids is found to be more common in the sports/athletics. The reason being, these steroids not only ensure muscle strength and endurance but also gives an aesthetic characteristic.

Why do bodybuilders use steroids?
Anabolic steroids enhance muscle mass, strength, speed, size and endurance of an individual on a tremendous scale making them progress in their athletics. Male hormones in the body determine how much an individual carry. Isn’t that pretty obvious considering the male and female? This is the reason female are quoted to be the “weaker gender”. Statistically, female body produces twenty times less testosterone per day comparing to the male. It makes it obvious that individuals who inject muscle building hormones to their body have better advantage over those who don’t.

Steroids pump up the muscle mass of an individual as a result they grow bigger in size. This being the heart of the bodybuilding profession, it is more common in the crowd. Apart from this, the competition demands no fat. Hence these muscle building drugs helps in breaking down these fat. Steroid helps in increase f muscle protein synthesis leading to high positive nitrogen balance thus what remains is the muscle mass. This way more muscles could be built in short time.

Most commonly used steroid by bodybuilders
Trenblone Acetate commonly known as Trenbolone is one of the widely sort after anabolic steroid. It is remarkable in mass gain, strength gain and contest preparation. The drug has been an unavoidable drug, because of it vigorous effects, before a bodybuilding competition. The reason for it being better than the rest; firstly, this does not convert itself to estrogen in the bloodstreams like the other similar drugs. Secondly, it carries short ester, making it perform functions faster.

In most of the countries using steroids are considered illegitimate. Some European countries do still supply steroids. In countries like Italy, steroids are still been supplied. Trenbolone sales in Italy are on a higher note due to its faster gains. But, like other countries, Italy also has steroid problem. There had been problems in the county involving smuggling of steroids to the military forces of Iraq.

Bottom line, steroids do not build your body, they convert your body into a foreign and uncontrolled hormone also converting the natural. Like the old adage goes, one drop of poison is enough to contaminate a glass of milk. Your body would just remain a muscle mass with driven by the evil chemist (the hormones).

Building muscles is hard, taking up body building as a profession would demand determination and persistence. Finding easier way to reach your goal isn’t the right way. Your body is your temple.