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Where can you get genuine Testosterone Cypionate Drug?

Some powerful steroids are legally only available by a prescription from a doctor. Selling a prescription dependent Steroid without a prescription is illegal and some serious actions can be taken against the vendor alongwith you depending on the country. Testosterone Cypionate is a potent drug which when injected helps to treat hypogonadism which is lack of a growth hormone named testosterone in men. There are many online pharmacies which display cheaper rate for this drug and even allows you to purchase the drug without any prescription, which is illegal. So, you have to be very careful while finding Test C. at a steroid shop and avoid buying the fake ones.

Where to buy Testosterone Cypionate?

Due to its strong effect, you are not allowed to get or use this drug without consulting a doctor. It is available in the market with numerous generic names or brand names and in forms like powder, injection solution, gels, lotions, topical steroid creams, sprays and injection pellets. Foretesta, Axiron, Testim, Watson, AndroGel, Sustanon, Omnadren and Primoteston are the most popular and trusted brands which are made available to you. However, before choosing any brand you must get it checked from your doctor as the effect of each medication differs and it depends on your testosterone level and desired results.

Finding Test C. at a steroid shop is not easy as many steroids vendors don’t sell it. But, we have found some places where you can get legitimate Testosterone Cypionate pills or injection solution at the best rate. Mostly, this steroid is available for injectable use and is available as 100 mg or 200 mg per ml. Every milliliter of this drug comprises of 0.2 ml of benzyl benzoate, 200 mg Cypionate and 9.86 mg in cotton seed oil.

Let your dosages be determined by the doctor as they can guide you the best to avoid any negative effects of this powerful drug. With a prescription, you can head to your nearest pharmacy to fill your prescription. If that doesn’t help, you will definitely get it from Walgreens pharmacies, Rite Aid pharmacies, GNC, CVS pharmacies, Retail store pharmacies likeWalmart and Target and also at some online pharmacies.

Typically, the cost for this potent drug is around 50 dollars per 10 ml vial. But, if you don’t have any insurance and pharmacy prescription plan the prices can go up to 100 dollars. The dosage cycle for everyone is different like some has to take this drug every two to four weeks and some have to take it on a weekly basis.

This powerful drug is not recommended for every man and the effect and efficacy of these testosterone products for the person with the deficiency of T level has not been scientifically proven yet. However, if you use it daily or improperly, you may develop risk of heart attacks, anxiety, baldness, acne, nausea, altered liver function, gynecomastia, increased number and duration of erections, etc. But it also has benefits attached to it if taken in the right limits.