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Compact robotic vacuum cleaners

Everyone nowadays for their house hold work to be done quickly and easily. In order to save time and automatically perform the process of cleaning we require an automated robotic vacuum cleaner. In order to reduce the space and time of cleaning we use small programmable robot vacuum cleaners.

Some best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaner for pet hair: ILIFE V3S

The main advantage of the ILIFE V3S is that it can clean and dry the mop simultaneously. This feature helps the vacuum cleaner to clean the pet hair, dirt and debris. This cleaner helps to clean the dirt and mop the house simultaneously. Due to its smaller design this vacuum can be used for cleaning sofa and bed.

iRobot Roomba 614

This type of robotic vacuum uses three stage cleaning process. Using the three stage process of agitate, brush and suction majority of dust particles can be cleaned from the floor. They have a wide range of navigation sensors they can gain the best knowledge about the sensors.

The navigation sensor is not only the reason for the popularity of the cleaner but also the way in which the cleaner can automatically adjust accordingly based on the type of floor.

This model of the automatic cleaner is lightly heavier when compared to others due to some technology advancements. Another interesting feature about this model is that these vacuums can recharge themselves once they found that they need battery life.

Ecovacs Deebot N78

ECOVACS can be used as all-purpose cleaners as it has multiple changing modes. Using these changing modes the vacuum can be used to sweep, mop as well as vacuuming the floor. All these above mentioned process occurs simultaneously by drying the floor as well.

The intelligent sensor in this vacuum allows it to avoid the obstacles and perform efficiently. The mopping function is ensured with the help of dual side brushes. The vacuum will forward towards its docking station once its intuition reminds about the battery life. The battery life of this vacuum lasts for two hours.

Classic robotic cleaner: bObi

One of the bestselling cleaner in the market is bObi as this machine performs multitasking to keep the floor clean and dry. As other vacuum this machine also perform sweep, vacuum, mop and sterilize the floor. The ability to sterilize keeps it on the top of the list.

This cleaner can be made to perform the desired task at the specified time by programming them correctly. Even at night the cleaning can be performed as the cleaner can travel all over the home without any unnecessary obstacles.

Although the machine has the capability to roam freely we can control them using some commands such as active, control and return. The additional advantage of this machine is that they are washable without damaging the vacuum.

This is one of the best automatic robotic vacuums as it has all the features including sterilizing of the environment after cleaning. This machine is portable and has a light weight vacuum with the cheap cost for all its features.