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What Helps Leaders to Take Birth Out of Common Men?

What are the qualities or traits that makes one an effective leader? This has been the prime focus for most of the research studies by organizational scientists, executive coach, and even the leadership development consultants. While there have been several reports made and studies done, the experts have come up with a collection of such facets. Some of such qualities might not be that surprising, but what actually matters is the difficulty in mastering them because improving them might require acting much against the some of their nature.

Going by the views of Steve Silvers Empire Today , there are a couple of those which can be categorized to get things easier for those who aspire it. The first of the lot includes the demonstration of strong ethics and providing a sense of safety in everything. This particular category includes two of the most highly rated attributes- the high ethical and moral standards, and communicating clear expectations. When combined together, it is all about creating a safe and trustworthy environment that allows the employees have a feeling of homeliness and allows them to come up with maximum productivity

Generally, a leader with high ethical standards ends up in conveying a commitment to fairness, and hence instilling a strong sense of confidence which actually helps both the management and even the employees to honor the rules of the game. Similarly, when the leaders could communicate their expectations clearly, they avoid any kind of confusion or blindsiding people, and hence can ensure that each one of the team members is on the same page. In such safe and transparent environment, the employees can relax, invoke the maximum capacity of their brain, and come up with innovative and creative ideas that would lead towards the success of the projects.

Even neuroscience has corroborated on this particular point, where it states that when the amygdala registers some sort of threat to the safety, the arteries harden up and thickens on its own to increase the flow of blood in human bodies. This gives a strike to the stimuli, and it indicates a fight-fight situation where the body prepares to response. In such particular states, human bodies lose their control over the social engagement system, and hence the brain is challenged to come up with something creative that drives towards excellence.

In order to increase the feeling of safety, one must start working on communicating with the specific talent of making the people safe. One of the safest and well-tested methods of doing this is by acknowledging and neutralizing the feared results or even the consequences from the outset. Steve Silvers Empire Today has himself found the benefits of implementing similar tactics, and hence keeps following the same. Doing a work on one’s own is a completely different thing, but leading a team of even ten members is indeed a daunting task since the mentality of ten individuals will be completely different. Streamlining them and tying the knots in one bead is what makes a leader in a true sense.