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Three Signs That Your Child Is Depressed

Parents, as they are supposed to, do everything in their power to ensure that their children are safe and well, both physically and mentally, at all times. It is their duty by law and a naturally inborn instinct to protect their young one no matter what. Therefore, it is also the duty of parents to know when their child is happy and when he or she is not.

Unfortunately, more often than not, courtesy of the time that we live in today, parents tend to ignore the mental well-being of their children in their quest to provide their children with all the material possessions they might need to reach their potential and be the best at all they do. These very material possessions coupled with the lack of attention from the parental units because they happen to be too busy earning their way through life to keep their children happy more often than not has the opposite effect on children.

Ever since technology has started meddling in the life of the common man, it has done more bad than good. While it certainly has made life easier to some extent, at the same time it has made ills of the society like bullying and stalking much more easily. These ills, coupled with the access children have to technology has only aided in increasing the frequency of such ills along with taking a toll on the mental health of most children. At times like these children stumble down the rocky path of mental illnesses like depression and hypertension without the knowledge of the parents and their parents aren’t privy to such knowledge until it is too late and the children are far out of their help.

Therefore, to ensure that you know what to look for in your child and to keep mental illnesses like depression at bay, as parents, here is what you need to do.

Signs That Your Child is depressed

As far as the signs of depression are concerned, there are many. But few of them are quite common and are exhibited by the majority of tweens and teenagers everywhere. If parents look close enough, they would be able to decipher the signs before it is too late. Here is what you have to look for:

  1. Irritated Behaviour
Is your child being jumpy and picky and getting irritated over the tiniest of things? Is your child acting strange and yelling at people around him or her for no reason than you might what to dig a little deeper as there is more than just good old teenage rebellious behavior at work here.

  1. Social Withdrawal
Is your former social butterfly confined to his or her room than going out with their friends and instead of talking non-stop on their phones, they are just sitting morosely outside the window then it is the time that you look closely and investigate to ensure something deeper is not at play here?
  1. Change in Appetite
Is your child pulling on carbs more than they usually do or just playing with the food piled high on his or her plate? Both of these things can mean a whole lot more in the grand scheme of things. Thus, if you notice your child exhibiting one of the aforementioned things then it is time to be on the lookout. 

How Can You Help?
Parents, as mentioned, play a huge role in their child’s life. They are the helping hand that child looks for in the time of need and the role model a child aspires to be. With that being said, here is what parents can do to help their depressed child early enough for him or her to live a happy and well life again.
  • They need to be vigilant.
  • They need to look for the signs before push comes to shove and it is too late to get any help.
  • Use spy applications to keep an eye on your child’s activities to ensure that your child is just worried or is suffering from depression.
  • If your child is depressed, the best thing you can do is get them proper help in time and ensure that they are safe at all times, from grave influences of the world and even themselves.
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