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Make breastfeeding pain free

Breastfeeding is one of the most important things post pregnancy. This is the only thing that your new born baby needs to survive. They cannot have anything else for at least three months other than breast milk. This contains the perfect nutrients for the baby and this is important as it is very easy to digest as the baby’s digestion system is not very strong at that point of time. On the other hand, breast milk has a lot of antibodies which help the baby to get a strong immunity system. In fact, it is also good for the mothers. It helps them to lose the extra weight they have gained due to pregnancy.

But if you have any problem with breast feeding then there are lactation consultants who can help you out in this. One can make a listof lactation support consultants in Mumbai and then select one according to them and go and consult them for further problems. They can provide you with a lot of breast feeding tips when necessary.

It is said that after the delivery of the baby, the first breast feeding happens after an hour. Here the lactation consultant can help the new mother and the baby. The nurse who is present at the hospital or the reported lactation consultant is present at that timed and they start providing tips on breast feeding to the mother. They will show the mother how to hold the baby in the correct position and they even look after whether the baby is latching on the breast correctly. If it is not happening correctly, they will willingly show you how to do it in the right way.

Then in order to make the entire process comfortable for the mother and the baby one can use the support of the pillow so that the baby gets a comfortable place and can get the feeding properly. In fact, the mother has to make their baby’s mouth wide open so that the milk that they suck can easily enter their mouth and they swallow them gradually so that it reaches their stomach. If the milk is not going inside, then the baby will remain hungry and they will keep crying the entire day for being empty stomach. Remember, this is the only thing that the baby can have as their food and so they must get the milk properly.

The doctor says that in first few weeks after the birth the baby need its food at every two or three hours. Now the point is how the mother will realise that the baby is hungry? Well, they can easily find out whether the baby is restless or they are making sucking gestures with their lips which indicates that they are hungry.

According to common advices, the bay should get a breast feeding of at least 15 to 20 minutes per go and then the mother should try to make the baby burp. If they burp, they will not drink milk anymore. But if they still want more, then you can continue. Try to use both of your breasts while feeding the baby. Make them easy with both your breasts.

You can take help from some best lactation consultants in Thane as they will easily help you on how to feed the baby and keep them healthy.