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Benefits of Using Pay-As-You-Go CDN

Pay As You Go (PAYG) is a special billing method that lets you scale, customize and ration the computing services you’re purchasing. All in all, you pay for the services in advance, but the fees are charged for the amount of services you actually consume.

Though PAYG is widely used in cloud computing, you may also use it in paying for CDN services.

What is PAYG CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a chain of servers set in various places around the world and owned by a company called a CDN vendors. Every time you apply for a CDN service, you let your web content be copied and placed on these servers. As a result, your target users download this content from the servers located not far from their residence place at a high speed. This is the core thing you pay for while applying for a CDN.

Pay As You Go CDN is provided by a CDN vendor that doesn’t charge the fees in advance, but you actually pay for the services when you use them. It’s like when you use prepaid mobile phone services: you purchase the credit and use it while you’re making the calls. When your credit finishes, your account and its options are suspended. The same does a PAYG CDN.

What Are the Pros of Using Pay As You Go CDN?

Now, we’re going to enumerate the list of pros you’re going to get from using PAYG CDN:
  • The absence of the obligatory monthly fee (you pay for the CDN you actually use. If you don’t use a CDN, you don’t simply pay anything);
  • The opportunity to use a free trial account (if you’re a complete newbie in using a CDN, you may try it for free for a certain period of time and then decide whether to use it further or not);
  • You get a grace limit (it allows you to use CDN when you have a zero balance on your credit account).