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The Old Age Driving Rules in UK

An old quote says that, “age is just a number”. Interestingly, this quote holds true in many life situations and is surprisingly, no different when it comes to driving a vehicle at the age of 70 years in UK.

The driving rules in the UK are quite flexible and allow every individual from any age group to drive a vehicle of their choice. For details, contact DVLA customer contact number.

If you are above 70 years of age or will attain this age within next 3 months and would like to continue driving a vehicle, the DVLA executives can assist you in getting you driving licence renewed online for free. This can be done using Government Gateway ID or re-registering to get an ID as part of the application.

Apart from this, one can get his/her driving licence renewed if:
  • His/her British licence has expired or going to expire within 90 days
  • He/she is a resident of Great Britain (there’s a different service in Northern Ireland)
  • He/she meets the minimum eyesight requirement
  • He is not prevented from driving for any reason
Once a person attains the age of 70 years, it is mandatory to get the licencerenewed every 3 years. The photograph can also be changed at the same time of renewing the licence.

Re-registering for driving licence

To re-register for a driving licence, an individual needs the following details:
  • An email address
  • Addresses of where he/she has lived for the last 3 years
  • His/her National Insurance number
  • Valid UK passport number (if he/she wants to change the licence photo)
Once DVLA obtains all the required information, a confirmation email is received by the applicant.

Surrendering the driving licence

One should make sure that driving a vehicle does not become a risky affair for him/her. The person should stop driving if he/she is finding the traffic conditions really stressful, has poor eyesight or a medical disability that make him/her unfit to drive safely.

In any of these or similar other situations, when an individual finally decides to stop driving, he/she must share the following details with DVLA:
  • Both parts of the driving licence
  • Covering letter with the nature of medical condition
  • Declaration of voluntary surrender
For any other details related to old age driving in UK, contact DVLA customer care number.