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6 Popular Winter Drinks in India

Hello, cold days! Yes, it is that time of the year again when it's all about comfort, good food, and just warmth. Imagine yourself beside the fire holding your favorite drink with a loved one. Heavenly feeling right? Here is a list of 6 popular winter drinks in India which you should try this chilly season.
Enjoy the cold cozy frosty times by gulping down some delicious drinks of India.

These drinks will surely help you chase away winter blues and will let you experience the chills of this season in a delightful way. Now with cheap air tickets, you can fly anywhere in India to try these yummilicious winter drinks.

1. Garam Garam Chai

The first thing that mostly every Indian need when they wake up in a cold morning is a cup of hot brewing tea. Be it plain or masala, tea is undoubtedly the favorite drink of India. With some added ginger and cinnamon, the flavor of the tea even becomes more appetizing. For all the chai lovers out there, visit Mumbai once as nothing can beat the Bambaiya cutting chai.

2. Indian Filter Coffee

Indian filter coffee which originated in the southern states,  is one of the most favorite winter drinks in India. The drink is made by mixing boiled milk and frothed with freshly brewed ground coffee powder in a very traditional Indian filter. The best Indian filter coffee can be found in cities like Bangalore and Chennai.

3. Rasam

Does food like Idli sambar, Bisibele baath, Puliyogare rice and Dosas make your mouth water? Then this winter you should undoubtedly try the tangy South Indian Soup, Rasam. Prepared traditionally using tamarind juice with tomato, pepper, cumin and some other spices for a deliciously warm and soothing drink for cold windy nights. Rasam is best found in places like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

4. Kahwah

Here is one more winter drink for the chai lovers. Kashmiri kahwa is made of kahwa tea leaves with almonds, saffron, cardamom and cinnamon which are freshly brewed to make a warm cup of herbal tea. Being just not tasty, but healthy too, this will soothe your palate like no other drink.

5. Chang

If you are a beer lover, then this drink will make you jubilant. A favorite Sikkimese drink, Chang is a relative of beer. Made by the locals of Sikkim, it is made of rice grains, millets or barley. With each sip, you will get the scent of warm spices of this yummy drink.

6. Mulled Wine

This winter while traveling to a beach destination why not try a glass of warm wine with spices? Yes, mulled wine which originated in the West is a popular drink in places like Goa and Pondicherry. This winter drink is prepared by mulling raisins and spices in wine made by the locals.

With this list of 6 popular winter drinks in India, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Decide which one you want to try first and gulp down your favorite drink this chilly season. Happy winter folks! Safe drinking ;)