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5 Things to Know Before Buying a Twin Gear Juicer

You have finally decided to buy a Twin Gear Juicer!

No matter the reason, being either the promises of a healthier lifestyle and diet, either having been pulled in that direction by the fantastic taste, juicing is without a doubt a great decision to be made that will provide fantastic benefits. Judging by the fact that markets are over-saturated with products with similar characteristics that promise the same results, what are the chances you will actually make the right decision in making the choice? 

Here are the five most important things for you to know before buying a Twin Gear Juicer. A list of twin gear juicer reviews which discusses the juicers based on different matters can also help you take a decision, but keep reading to understand.

How Much Juice Will You Be Making?

Triturating juicers have this following functioning principle: the slow motion of the inside gears that are capable of splitting the juice from the pulp more effectively. As a result, you will get more nutrition and the juicer will leave behind a drier pulp. These machines are famous for the capability of providing you with the most amount of juice, leaving the excess, remaining pulp completely dry. This, in turn, means less fruit or vegetable wasted, providing a long-term investment.

What Will You Be Juicing?

Twin Gear Juicers are known for the ability to juice everything from watery fruits, to leguminous greens and nuts, seeds. This will turn out to be extremely helpful in providing a wider range of recipes for you to try, releasing you of the worry of getting fed up with the taste of a restricted group of produce.

How Important Is Quality?

Of course, quantity is important... but how about the quality of your end product? Any other type of juicer that is not a Twin Gear Juicer or a Triturating one will induce oxidation in the juicing process. This results in foamy and even a bit warm juicy by the heat produced while getting the juice extract.

Consumption Time Reviews

Higher quality triturating juicers obtain the juice through a process that allows it to be stored up to 48-72 hours in cold, dry spaces. The same thing cannot be said about centrifugal juicers, their juice being meant to be consumed immediately. Think about that, think about whether you'd like to store the juice in the fridge or you usually drink it immediately after the juicing process.

The Devil In The Details

Other factors to be taken into consideration while choosing the juicer that is right for you is the noise level. As previously exposed, the Twin Gear Juicers will win in the category as well, working at lower speeds thus producing significantly less noise. Another detail is durability.

Final Thoughts

Reviews provide assurance that the product that you have in mind has already been shortlisted by other people, bought, tested and then has been explained to the general population. Reviews are the method through which you find out the real-life value and use the power of the set device.
That being said, before embarking on the exciting journey of healthy juicing, take a few minutes to inspect what the best top 5 twin gear juicers on the market are. This will save money and more importantly, you will rob yourself of the privilege of consuming quality, home made juices.